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My 2010 in Review

I must say that this past year was filled with a lot of enjoyable
and memorable moments! 2010 did have it’s low points but I
think the fun trips and outings with friends and family made up
for the bad stuff. What a bitch of a year, but I’m glad we survived
another year. Here’s to 2011 being an even better year! So far it’s
moving along nicely.

What’s Been Going On!? Part 1 012110-022810
New York Trip, Vegas Trip, Trailer Park Boys show for the first
time, cloud photos, some movies, dinners and other fun times.

What’s Been Going On!? Part 2 030210-040410
Asteroids Galaxy Tour show for the first time!!, First Fridays
at the Natural History Museum, a couple movies, many tasty
meals, especially at The Pike, and Monkee photos.

The Month in Photos: April 2010
Magic Mountain, another fun First Fridays night, monkee photos,
That Metal Show taping, and Baby Hummingbirds!

The Month in Photos: May 2010
First Fridays for May, Hypocrisy show, Renaissance Fair, Soundsuits
after dark, Dio Memorial, monkee photos, & some tasty food.

The Month in Photos: June 2010
Last First Fridays of the year, Sadistic Intent show, Ink N Iron for
two days [burlesque dancers, pole performers, The Rev, lots of
drinks, too much fun!], Todd Schorr reception, Bowers Museum,
fun in bars, foggy photos, monkees, & more foodz!

The Month in Photos: July 2010
Summer Vegas Trip [oh my god, the heat, but too much fun!!],
having a photo at the OC Fair, Day at Melrose, Manhattan Beach
bar hopping, a few movies, monkees, and tasty food as always.

The Month in Photos: August 2010
OC Fair [to have fun & see my image hanging], Flugtag Long Beach,
Shoot with Danny, afternoon at The Grove & tasty food, monkees,
and many tasty lunches and dinners.

The Month in Photos: September 2010
Katatonia show [finally!!!], shoot for Daviel’s birthday/baptism [beautiful
location!], Mummies of the World exhibit, No Makeup Week, Dennis Hopper
exhibit, and some yummy lunches.

The Month in Photos: October 2010
Much awaited Mexico trip [family, great food, Guadalajara, Mazatlan, the
beach, meeting new family, late night club & drinking, and local graffiti!
Soo much fun!], Trailer Park Boys and some tasty food!

♥ November 2010 [No photos for this post]
Faith No More show [finally!!!!], fun movies, finding a perfect nail salon,
and Thanksgiving with the family.

The Month in Photos: December 2010
The Getty on a rainy day, Magic Mountain, The Huntington Library
[Bukowski exhibit, the gorgeous gardens & beautiful art!], WOCA art
show, monkee photos, and clouds.

xoxo Love & Hugs



The Month in Photos: October 2010

October came so very fast! I was really looking forward to this month since
I had my two week vacation to Mexico with family, plus a couple of fun outings
in between my trip like the taping for That Metal Show (which we missed
unfortunately) and the Trailer Park Boys show at the end of the month.
October was a lot of fun and I am very glad I got to go visit family. Six years
is way too long to wait to return.

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On Vacation

Leaving for two weeks to Mexico. So obviously there won’t be any posting since I won’t
be around a computer. I might check in here and there but very briefly.

I’m really looking forward to this trip and spending time with family. Should be fun!
And coming home I have the Trailer Park Boys show and Day of the Dead at Hollywood
Forever. Can’t wait for that! Busy October which is awesome! Well have a good couple
of weeks and see you guys in November.

xoxo Love & Hugs



Things I Love Thursday 091610

♥ Finding a song I had been looking for. Last time I had heard it was ages ago! I love finding
something I had been searching for. And getting memories and feelings from the last time I heard it.

♥ Making plans for the weekend and then changing it all together to make it a mellow weekend.
We really didn’t plan on this, but after going to have lunch and getting completely sleepy afterwards,
we had no other choice. Instead hung out and watched a movie.

♥ Shooting a baptism and getting lots of fun shots. I’m not big on churches and such, but I
had a nice time walking around Wayfarer’s Chapel. Really nice views of the ocean and tons of baby
squirrels that were completely ok with all the visitors. The day all together was great!

♥ Finally receiving my passport in the mail. I am so glad it took less than a month and got
here earlier than expected. I feel so accomplished to finally have it!! Now I can’t wait to use it on my
first international trip since the last time I went to Mexico, about 5 years ago or so. Heading back to
Mexico to visit family in October and hoping for other future international trips soon.

♥ Buying our faith No More tickets today. I can’t wait for this! I have never seen them live so
I’m really looking forward to it. And realizing that these next few months are filled with fun shows.
Katatonia next week, Trailer Park Boys at the end of October, and Faith No More at the end of November.
Doesn’t mean that’s it yet though..the year is not yet over…

xoxo Love & Hugs


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