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This Week In Photos 101209

This week consisted of some very obvious monkees, some food photos,
and a hockey game..It was a funner week than expected..

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This Week In Photos 100509

I had told myself I would do this week in photos on Saturdays,
but I had a really busy weekend being out and didn’t get a chance
to compile all photos with my thoughts, not until today at least.
This weekend was much fun, although the week had it’s ups and
downs. I’m glad things are better now though.

Well this week was a combination of an interview, some tough times
around home, some fun outings to a museum, Chinatown, and the Pagan
fest, and good company. Here’s to a new week ahead and summarizing
the past week as easily as possible. Enjoy..

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This Week In Photos 092609

I have decided to start this new weekly post in the hopes that it will encourage
me to take more photos, whether it’s with my camera or with the iPhone. I have
noticed since I haven’t been working and being out I haven’t taken as many photos
as before. I really don’t like this. So I decided to start this that way hopefully I can find
myself taking a photo of something, whether it’s food or the monkees or something
I wore. I will try my best to post something even if I only have one image. So far it’s
been going well. So here is this week in photos…

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