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Things I Love Thursday 100710


The chilly weather! After last week’s heat, it was nice to get the cooler weather!
Plus I’ve always been more into the colder weather. The heat just kills me.

Hummingbird sightings! At work it’s pretty common to see them buzzing around,
but this week it seems the same little guy kept coming around. Today a few
times even. I love seeing them up close!

Not getting a full on cold after a sore throat.I am soo glad that the weather change
didn’t make me get a cold. The cough is slowly fading.

The anticipation building for our departure next week. I know my mom is feeling it too..
I am soo excited!!

A super short one for this week…

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Love & Hugs



Things I Love Thursday 093010


Meeting Raquel for lunch last Friday. That was sooo much fun! We use to
work together back when I worked at Oversee. It was really nice to see her! We had
a good lunch at Mendocino Farms and hung out for a bit. Definitely too short though.
A photo outing should suffice!

Dennis Hopper exhibit at the Geffen Contemporary at Moca. I am really glad that I
went to check this out after lunch with Raquel. I took my time walking through the gallery.
I seriously had no idea that he was so personally involved in art. And the scale of his work was
something else. He has a few photographs that he enlarged to a full size wall into an oil on
canvas replica. Completely amazing! I stood in the middle of these and felt like an ant next
to them. Soo tiny! The brush strokes and crispness was truly wonderful. His photography
collection was raw and natural. I really enjoyed his many portraits of musicians and his travels.
I spent a nice time checking out the exhibit and museum.

KATATONIA!!! Finally after years of being a fan and waiting to see them, it finally
happened last Saturday! I had such an awesome time! We bought our tickets waaaay in advance
and patiently waited for the day to come. They played such a great show and played many of my
favorite songs! It was soo much fun to have perfect seats at The Galaxy (we had a table next to
the stage) and to be able to sing along to my favorite songs!! Priceless! I seriously can’t wait to see
them again soon!!! Very soon, I hope..

The clouds and sky lately have been filled with lovely colors and patterns. I’ve been finding
myself staring at them just in awe. More so lately than usual, since I’m almost always looking up into
the sky. I’ve been doing it since I was kid, since my mom use to tell me that the scattered clouds
were little sheep across the sky. In any case, I’ve had my eye on them lately. 😉

Pupusas!! Of course there has to be more than one food mention in here. Especially when
I just got my pupusa fix! Soo good! If you don’t know what they are, they are a Salvadorean dish
and consist of corn tortilla masa stuffed with a blend of your choice. They tend to be stuffed with
cheese, chicharones, beans, squash, and other options. I kept wanting to find a place to go have
some since the last time was some years ago at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. These were really
good. I got mine with cheese since those are my favorite and they were a perfect early dinner. And
this was Nathans first time trying them. He was pleasantly happy with the meal!

So what has kept your week busy?

xoxo Love & Hugs



Things I Love Thursday 092310


Going to the Mummies of the World</a> exhibit. That was such an interesting
collection of mummies. And the amount of mummies that were naturally
mummified was astonishing! It was really neat to see how the different climates
in different parts of the world had an effect on the natural mummification process.
I really would love to return to see it again, and luckily there is still some time so it
may happen. Probably one of my favorite mummies from this exhibit was the tattoo
woman. That was something else! The video below shows a little clip of her. But there
were still many other fascinating mummies to be seen. If you haven’t already seen it,
you should!

No Makeup Week! That’s right. I found out about it over the weekend, didn’t really
consider it, and then remembered again on Monday and decided to do it. Now, I must
mention I did it with some cheating on the eyebrows. I really do need to grow them out
a bit or something. In any case, it felt nice not to wear any mascara or anything else.
Typically for work I go very light on the makeup anyways, so it wasn’t a big change for
me. But it felt nice not to worry about it. And I tried to go pretty light on filling-in the
eyebrows. I’m glad I took part in the experiment and hope other girls will also. Any day
can be no makeup day, haha! So, did you partake in No Makeup Week? If you did, how
did you like it?

Feeling like I had a super short day since I spent part of it having lunch on
a golf course. It doesn’t happen every day, so when it does, it feels really nice
to look out the dinning room window and see all the pretty green and to get a view
of the Pacific Ocean. Plus the morning consisted of a meeting, so that took time
also. By the time we got back there wasn’t much time left to work. It just felt nice
to get out of the office for a bit.

Happy hour at The Yardhouse! Nathan had recommend we go have dinner
and suggested we go here. Drinks and appetizers after work sounded like the
perfect way to end my workweek! I decided to try their gardein meat option for
the chicken strips and I am so glad I did! They were juicy and tasted sooo much
like chicken. I am definitely trying more of their meals with this option. It was
soo good!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead!

xoxo Love & Hugs



Things I Love Thursday 091610

♥ Finding a song I had been looking for. Last time I had heard it was ages ago! I love finding
something I had been searching for. And getting memories and feelings from the last time I heard it.

♥ Making plans for the weekend and then changing it all together to make it a mellow weekend.
We really didn’t plan on this, but after going to have lunch and getting completely sleepy afterwards,
we had no other choice. Instead hung out and watched a movie.

♥ Shooting a baptism and getting lots of fun shots. I’m not big on churches and such, but I
had a nice time walking around Wayfarer’s Chapel. Really nice views of the ocean and tons of baby
squirrels that were completely ok with all the visitors. The day all together was great!

♥ Finally receiving my passport in the mail. I am so glad it took less than a month and got
here earlier than expected. I feel so accomplished to finally have it!! Now I can’t wait to use it on my
first international trip since the last time I went to Mexico, about 5 years ago or so. Heading back to
Mexico to visit family in October and hoping for other future international trips soon.

♥ Buying our faith No More tickets today. I can’t wait for this! I have never seen them live so
I’m really looking forward to it. And realizing that these next few months are filled with fun shows.
Katatonia next week, Trailer Park Boys at the end of October, and Faith No More at the end of November.
Doesn’t mean that’s it yet though..the year is not yet over…

xoxo Love & Hugs



Things I Love Thursday 090910

Super mellow long holiday weekends!! Yes!!! Especially after being sick
all week. Now all that’s left is a pesky cough that is slowly going away. I seriously
did nothing. It was perfect. And with the long weekend comes a short workweek
ahead. Another plus!

Piranha 3D!! Yes, it was great! With all it’s fun, blood, boobies, gore, & cheesiness
it was freaking awesome!

Having fun weekend plans. Meeting up with some of my old friends from high school
at the Yardhouse for some drinks. Should be a blast! Saturday going to an art exhibit with
Nanny and Ashley and on Sunday I’m shooting a baptism for a friend at this chapel on a
cliff overlooking the ocean. It’s a gorgeous chapel! It’s gonna be such a fun day and overall

A short but sweet one this week…

So what are your weekend plans?




Things I Love Thursday 090310

Sorry again for my lateness..this week has been one with too much activity! Been fighting
a cold since Monday that won’t let go. Taking medicine helps a bit but hasn’t really killed
the bug. Although that codeine cough syrup that Nanny gave me has really knocked me out,
I still continue to fight it. Hoping I’m all better by Tuesday. Seems each day is a little better
luckily. There’s been other things going on this week that I rather not get into. Oh, and
jury duty hell on Wednesday. Fortunately I didn’t get picked for a case and we all got let
go by 2:00pm. I now know what that’s like. Boring!!! Well enough of this…here’s a positive
look at my week…

Busy productive days packed with fun stuff, projects, & getting things done!
I took Friday to focus on what needed to be done for the day. Got a haircut before going
to get my passport taken care of. Took me long enough! But it’s now done, it’s only a matter
of time for it to arrive. After that I went to meet Danny, my cousins friend to take some shots
of him. That was fun! Now I have the task of editing photos, which I still have not done. Must
get to it! It was really a fun shoot!

Meeting friends at The Pike. This has become a normal thing for us. It’s either
meeting them there or just going there. We met up Claudia and Anthony. Needless to say
I had a fun time catching up with Claudia and hanging out over some food and some
Hofbrau’s. Yummm! I got nice and buzzed early afternoon..haha! Always a great time!

Hanging out with Nanny & Ashley. I hadn’t seen Ashley since Magic Mountain, I
believe. We had a nice dinner at The Yardhouse and talked for a good while. I had a fun
time! We definitely had to have the grilled artichoke which is soo good! I got my usual
grilled cheese with basil and basil tomato soup and we shared a chocolate brownie with
ice cream. It was such a flavorful meal with good company!

Afternoon naps. I’m not usually a fan of this, considering in the past I used to wake
up with bad headaches after naps. It’s been some time since I’ve done this, and only usually
happens when I’m not feeling well. This week, after jury duty, I felt completely tired and drained.
After taking some of that codeine cough syrup, I passed out. I told myself only an hour or two.
Well I woke up, but never got out of bed and went straight to sleep after waking up a few times.
Sleep really did feel great! I didn’t get out of bed til early morning. Today I did the same thing
to kill a headache. This time though I did get out of bed, but the nap really did help and the
headache is finally gone!! Anything to get them to go away!

Long holiday weekends!! Seriously these are the best, as everyone knows! Unfortunately
for me, this being sick thing has altered my plans. It will still be nice to hang out and relax this
weekend. Maybe squeeze in some entertaining things later this weekend but we’ll see. Just can’t
believe it’s already September!!! Three months til the end of the year!! :0

Well, what’s been going on with your week and what are your weekend plans?

xoxo Love & Hugs


Things I Love Thursday 082610

Sorry for this weeks late Tilt. Last night didn’t happen and today was a busy day! Enjoy…

Having yummy crepe breakfast at Creme de la Crepe. That was very tasty!

Getting to check out the Red Bull Flugtag with Raquel & Louis. That was a fun day!
Hot, but so much fun! And we got to have our photo taken while jumping on a trampoline.
Glad I did that!
Flugtag Photo

Spending time with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Seriously, about two years.
I’m so glad we went together. 🙂

Spending the afternoon at the Grove plus snacking & eating some tasty food at Whisper Lounge.
We hung out for hours talking and taking our time with drinks and food. We had truffle popcorn, olives,
mushroom and truffle flatbread, hummus, and an artisan cheese board. It was soo good! And the atmosphere
was perfect.


xoxo Love & Hugs

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