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San Francisco Trip Update 021309-021509

So I realized that I still have not made a proper post about my recent trip to San Francisco.

I had put off this trip for about two years and finally decided after getting my bonus at work
that it was time to go. It was not as long as originally planned, but we still got to see a lot and
had a lot of fun! It was well worth getting out there!!

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San Francisco!

I am very excited that in a week we will be in San Francisco, finally!
A much shorter trip than what we had originally planned, but still a
good trip indeed! And this will be my first time flying as well! Looking
forward to our flight on Virgin America.

So, give me your San Francisco tips on what we should see, do or eat
around town. I already have a few places that were interested in checking
out, but it would be nice to know what else you might recommend!

Were staying off of Sutter St/Kearney St near Market. Well be using
the public transportation and walking most of the time, so anything
nearby would be ideal.

I cannot wait!!!!