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Cloud & Sky Junkie 002

When I decided to start doing these updates, I never thought that the next
Cloud & Sky Junkie update would be a year later. Must do something to fix
that in 2011. In any case, why not end the year with a collection of my cloud
and sky photos for 2010. I hope you enjoy this years collection.

Here’s to a New Year of more cloud and sky photos and many other new adventures!
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The Month in Photos: October 2010

October came so very fast! I was really looking forward to this month since
I had my two week vacation to Mexico with family, plus a couple of fun outings
in between my trip like the taping for That Metal Show (which we missed
unfortunately) and the Trailer Park Boys show at the end of the month.
October was a lot of fun and I am very glad I got to go visit family. Six years
is way too long to wait to return.

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The Month in Photos: September 2010

So September was one of those fun months with lots of stuff to look
forward to. I had a Baptism I was shooting for a friend, the Mummies
of the World exhibit, the Dennis Hopper exhibit and the much awaited
Katatonia show that I had missed multiple times before. There was a lot
that I was looking forward to, among other things this month. Read on
to find out more and see photos.
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The Month in Photos: August 2010

August was filled with fun stuff. Had the OC Fair, a day at the Flugtag, lunch
at the Grove, an enjoyable shoot with a new friend, a nice lunch with Nanny
and Ashley, plus a few monkee photos. Click below for the rest+photos!

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The Month in Photos: July 2010

July was a fun month. A Vegas trip with lots of photos, some fun outings with friends, good food, and monkee photos. Enjoy…
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The Month in Photos: June 2010

Click ahead for the full June update with photos…enjoy..

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Things I Love Thursday 082610

Sorry for this weeks late Tilt. Last night didn’t happen and today was a busy day! Enjoy…

Having yummy crepe breakfast at Creme de la Crepe. That was very tasty!

Getting to check out the Red Bull Flugtag with Raquel & Louis. That was a fun day!
Hot, but so much fun! And we got to have our photo taken while jumping on a trampoline.
Glad I did that!
Flugtag Photo

Spending time with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Seriously, about two years.
I’m so glad we went together. 🙂

Spending the afternoon at the Grove plus snacking & eating some tasty food at Whisper Lounge.
We hung out for hours talking and taking our time with drinks and food. We had truffle popcorn, olives,
mushroom and truffle flatbread, hummus, and an artisan cheese board. It was soo good! And the atmosphere
was perfect.


xoxo Love & Hugs