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Mini Rant: Friends

So I often wonder about old friends and acquaintances and wonder if they ever think about me and how I’m doing. This is only because I always end up being the one seeking out these people but I never get sought out. Makes me think and wonder if something is wrong with me. Or do these people really not like me. I don’t know but this always goes through my mind. Especially when I never get any calls from these people. Because of this I have decided to focus on my true friends that actually want to talk to me and spend time with me, not those that I hear or see only once every year or two on what feels like a forced gathering. I would love to be close to everyone I know but what’s the point if I don’t feel that interest in return. I’d rather not waste my time or energy for that matter. Am I wrong??

In any case, just felt the need to get it out today. Sorry for my lack of posts and photos. I have tons to update on but now is not the time. Soon I promise.

So how do you feel about friends and acquaintances? How do you deal with flaky friends and do you agree or disagree with my choice? I’d love to hear the feedback!!

xoxo Love & Hugs