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The Month in Photos: September 2010

So September was one of those fun months with lots of stuff to look
forward to. I had a Baptism I was shooting for a friend, the Mummies
of the World exhibit, the Dennis Hopper exhibit and the much awaited
Katatonia show that I had missed multiple times before. There was a lot
that I was looking forward to, among other things this month. Read on
to find out more and see photos.
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Things I Love Thursday 092310


Going to the Mummies of the World</a> exhibit. That was such an interesting
collection of mummies. And the amount of mummies that were naturally
mummified was astonishing! It was really neat to see how the different climates
in different parts of the world had an effect on the natural mummification process.
I really would love to return to see it again, and luckily there is still some time so it
may happen. Probably one of my favorite mummies from this exhibit was the tattoo
woman. That was something else! The video below shows a little clip of her. But there
were still many other fascinating mummies to be seen. If you haven’t already seen it,
you should!

No Makeup Week! That’s right. I found out about it over the weekend, didn’t really
consider it, and then remembered again on Monday and decided to do it. Now, I must
mention I did it with some cheating on the eyebrows. I really do need to grow them out
a bit or something. In any case, it felt nice not to wear any mascara or anything else.
Typically for work I go very light on the makeup anyways, so it wasn’t a big change for
me. But it felt nice not to worry about it. And I tried to go pretty light on filling-in the
eyebrows. I’m glad I took part in the experiment and hope other girls will also. Any day
can be no makeup day, haha! So, did you partake in No Makeup Week? If you did, how
did you like it?

Feeling like I had a super short day since I spent part of it having lunch on
a golf course. It doesn’t happen every day, so when it does, it feels really nice
to look out the dinning room window and see all the pretty green and to get a view
of the Pacific Ocean. Plus the morning consisted of a meeting, so that took time
also. By the time we got back there wasn’t much time left to work. It just felt nice
to get out of the office for a bit.

Happy hour at The Yardhouse! Nathan had recommend we go have dinner
and suggested we go here. Drinks and appetizers after work sounded like the
perfect way to end my workweek! I decided to try their gardein meat option for
the chicken strips and I am so glad I did! They were juicy and tasted sooo much
like chicken. I am definitely trying more of their meals with this option. It was
soo good!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead!

xoxo Love & Hugs