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Photo Update 1

Well I hope everyone is having a nice Xmas today with their friends and family,
first of all! In other news I am realizing that it wasn’t such a good idea to go idle
for close to 2 months because now I am backed up on photos! I am glad to say
though that I feel this idle time will be coming to an end! With the holidays passing
and a new year starting, I feel like this is a perfect time for a new beginning in many
ways. Especially with my blog and life. It seems so hard to see another year pass us
by but at the same time we get to start another year as a new beginning to our lives and
our futures. A hope for a better year ahead!!

With that said, in order to start a new year right, I must clean out the photo archives
for 2009 heading back to October when I last wrote an actually blog entry. The accumulation
of photos has built up as well as the fun memories!
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