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On Vacation

Leaving for two weeks to Mexico. So obviously there won’t be any posting since I won’t
be around a computer. I might check in here and there but very briefly.

I’m really looking forward to this trip and spending time with family. Should be fun!
And coming home I have the Trailer Park Boys show and Day of the Dead at Hollywood
Forever. Can’t wait for that! Busy October which is awesome! Well have a good couple
of weeks and see you guys in November.

xoxo Love & Hugs



Things I Love Thursday 091610

♥ Finding a song I had been looking for. Last time I had heard it was ages ago! I love finding
something I had been searching for. And getting memories and feelings from the last time I heard it.

♥ Making plans for the weekend and then changing it all together to make it a mellow weekend.
We really didn’t plan on this, but after going to have lunch and getting completely sleepy afterwards,
we had no other choice. Instead hung out and watched a movie.

♥ Shooting a baptism and getting lots of fun shots. I’m not big on churches and such, but I
had a nice time walking around Wayfarer’s Chapel. Really nice views of the ocean and tons of baby
squirrels that were completely ok with all the visitors. The day all together was great!

♥ Finally receiving my passport in the mail. I am so glad it took less than a month and got
here earlier than expected. I feel so accomplished to finally have it!! Now I can’t wait to use it on my
first international trip since the last time I went to Mexico, about 5 years ago or so. Heading back to
Mexico to visit family in October and hoping for other future international trips soon.

♥ Buying our faith No More tickets today. I can’t wait for this! I have never seen them live so
I’m really looking forward to it. And realizing that these next few months are filled with fun shows.
Katatonia next week, Trailer Park Boys at the end of October, and Faith No More at the end of November.
Doesn’t mean that’s it yet though..the year is not yet over…

xoxo Love & Hugs