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Linkage Sunday 011710

So after a Linkage Sunday hiatus, I have decided to revive it for 2010. Still working
on making it better and getting some fun content to show. Please feel free to email
if you have any link suggestions or new feeds for me to follow. I always love finding
something new and interesting on the internet. And with that, enjoy this week’s Linkage

Banish Up to 350 Extra Calories a Day with a Tap of Your Foot.

How to Answer the 10 Most Common Interview Questions. Helpful info for anyone
currently job searching.

ROA Creates a Giant Lanticular in London. Soo creative and beautiful!

♥ I enjoyed checking out these book covers. The body in book design.
[via thisisstar]

30 Under 30 Women Photographers. Really amazing work!

A happy story amid all the destruction in Haiti. Glad the baby was rescued and is safe.
And don’t forget to make a donation if you havent. Every little bit counts. [Yele & Red Cross]

Sophie the dog senses the Eureka earthquake before it happens. Animals truly are
amazing creatures…here’s a quote from Sophie’s owner on her reaction in the video:

Sophie can be seen in all three segments in the original footage here. The guy at the
beginning is not her owner. She is actually bolting to the other end of the room to find
me, and when I’m not there she does a loop, catches up with me and escorts me safely
down the stairs and out the building. I think at the very least she knew something bad
was about to happen.

♥ So with the recent NBC/Leno/Conan debacle, I bring you a couple of videos ad some fun.
Conan Rips Into NBC (Again), Conan Does Deal or No Deal, & Coco’s hair for fun! Enjoy 🙂
I’m with Coco all the way!! Go Team Conan!!

♥ From 1000 Awesome Things, this is always fun. #599 Walking around naked when youre home alone.

xoxo Love & Hugs


Linkage Sunday 102509

A short version for this week..not many links to share, still do enjoy 😉

♥ A cat fight that I’m sure many of you have seen! Too hilarious not to share!

♥ From 1000 Awesome Things, #651 When the phone rings and it’s somebody
you were just thinking about
. This has happened many times and it’s always
a nice feeling. Mainly when you were just thinking about the person.

♥ This is a pretty interesting little chart of what women go through during their
. And the artist managed to make it a cute adorable chart. Check it out.

♥ It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years that NIN released”Pretty Hate Machine”.

♥ I really enjoyed this video of Dead Weather’s “I Cut Like a Buffalo” which
shows Jack White busting some dance moves. Interestingly enough, this
song was stuck in my head this morning as I woke up.


Linkage Sunday 101809

♥ I really liked these photographs from Finnish photographer Juha Arvid Helminen.
The black on black look is great and adds to the fetish feel. Gorgeous!!

♥ This charming photograph taken with a point-and-shoot camera feels like
I’m gazing into a fairy tale. It’s rather lovely!

♥ This ruffled photograph by Natalie Shau is very surreal. I really like the
colors and particularly the bird cage in her dress.

♥ Sexy lacy stilettos by Phillip Treacy for Valentino.

♥ From 1000 Awesome Things, this definitely relates to me. I’m sure it
relates to many of you as well. #659 When you suddenly remember it’s
a long weekend
[score!!] and #655 When you get to your seat just as the
previews are starting
[I despise the commercials prior to previews. Like
I’m not watching tv, I’m in a movie theater wanting to see a film!]

Save the sleepless boobs!! Buy this if you don’t want to smash your boobs
while you sleep. Seriously!

♥ Found on Buzzfeed, I really really liked the horror photography of Joshua Hoffine.
See for yourself. It’s disturbing, creepy, and beautiful! And his blog has behind the
scenes on his shoots and how they’re set up.

♥ This was entertaining: Kramer’s Entrances in Chronological Order.

Conan the scaredy cat. This is adorably cute!

♥ I plant to partake in Operation Beautiful. I sure as hell know that there have been
many times that I have needed a good boost in certain situations. Now I can brighten
someone else’s day and possibly in return have my day brightened too.

♥ I also plan to try the Dry Brushing technique. It sounds like an interesting method
of detoxing and I plan to write on it after I try it myself.

♥ Great tips from Independent Fashion Bloggers! Crash Course in Blogger Etiquette.

♥ There’s a new episode from Simon’s Cat called “Hot Spot”. How true is this!!??

♥ This is the tallest domesticated cat in the world and she is soo freaking cute! She’s only
18 months old and stands at 17.1 inches from shoulder to toe. Meet Magic and be sure
to watch the videos below. She is great!


Linkage Sunday 101109

♥ Lovely clothes and photos from the Bebe ad campaign. Bebe Joins The Dark Side.

♥ From the Christova & Endourva Autumn/Winter 2009/10 runway show,
I honestly don’t think I have ever seen a runway concept be an escalator.
It really looks cool, plus the lighting adds onto the concept. Really nicely
done with this!!

♥ I really enjoyed the Paris Fashion Week collections of Christian Dior
and Dolce & Gabbana. Very sexy and stylish.

Black Metal Barbies on D Magazine. Awesome fashion images.

♥ Some cool dark art from artist Anton Semenov. Creepy stuff.

♥ Interestingly trippy videos by Maxim Zhestko. Love the first one!

Vertoramas: Just Like Panoramas, Only More Vertical.

♥ I found this article great!! 10 Ways to Praise Our Vaginas.

♥ And this one shocking! The Average Brit has had Indirect Sex
with 2.8 Million People
. How do You Stack Up? Be sure to take
use the calculator at the Sex Degrees of Sexual Partners site. Wow!!

♥ Don’t ever underestimate guys in drag!! When I took my Human Sexuality
class we had an ex boxer that dressed in drag come in and talk. He was
soo great to meet. So with that said, I really love this video. Douces getting
a quick beat-down
. Nice!

Marge Simpson Posing Nude for Playboy…Seriously!

♥ Sad news for vegans. Morningstar farms adds eggs and milk
to vegan products!

♥ These images are so moving and beautiful. Faces of Children in Pakistan.


Linkage Sunday 100409

071808 (47)-pola
Takato Yamamotos’ Art is beautifully done. Mixing anatomy and
bondage in his pieces makes his work awe-inspiring!

L.A.’s Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants & L.A.’s Top 5 Omnivorous
, both for vegans are full of great new places to eat at.
I plan to check some of these places out soon!

Funniest Adam Samberg “Digital Shorts’. I have to go through
all of them because I have definitely missed some.

♥ Silly little video that holds a lot of truth about Facebook. What
Facebook Is For.

♥ Really cool mustache mugs by Peter Bruegger. I really want one of
these, especially the bottom right one.

♥ Neat idea by Improv Everywhere to set up a mini shoot inside of the
New York subway
and shoot it’s passengers. The results show the
diversity in people that ride the subway.

♥ Also from Improv Everywhere, Invisible Dogs. I love the looks on
peoples faces with these.

♥ From 1000 Awesome Things, this one really hits home for me.
#664 Running for the bus or train and actually catching it.
Although I never try to run towards the bus or train. More power
walk it to hopefully catch it. catching it is always the best feeling!

♥ This Last Supper of Clowns is a bit scary to me. I’m not a big fan
of clowns. This is a pretty funny collection of clowns that we all

2 Tag-team Photo Projects For You + Your Pal is a really neat
collaborative project. I wouldn’t mind getting together with another
photographer to do this project.

♥ These boots by Free People are to die for. I would save every
penny for these!


Linkage Sunday 092709

Octopuss 121105
♥ Really awesome photographs that won the Communication Arts annual competition.
Photography and the Art of Communication .

A day in the life of Hunter S. Thompson. This is freaking awesome!!! What a day!!

♥ This guy is a genius! Andrew WK Takes Fox News Question Seriously.

Sacha Baron Cohen Talks About Interviewing A Terrorist. Glad he lived to talk about it!

♥ Cool tips on Refractographs: How to Take Photos of Light Reflections.

We’re All Stars, Now. Marilyn Manson-inspired editorial shots. I really enjoyed the makeup!

Accidental Dong. My new favorite blog. Come on, we all see them here and there, hehehe…

Shocking map showing the distance from the nearest McDonald’s. Insane!

Kirk Cameron’s Darwin/Hitler Connection. Hmm I think Kirk is wrong. It sounds
like someone else here is pretty brainwashed..*looking in Kirk’s direction*

Hot Chicks With Dogs With Boners. Another new favorite blog that made me giggle, hahaha!

♥ I enjoyed the neat tips in this article. Holding Back Online? 5 Ways to Share Your
Story with Confidence


Linkage Sunday 092009

Curved Boardwalk 101206
Zombie Cupcakes via Vanessa. Yummm They make me hungry for brains!

Awesomely bad engagement photos. Super cheesy stuff!

The Black Apartment via Gala. I want to live here soooo bad! I want!!!

10 totally ridiculous fashion week finds via The Frisky.

Modest Mouse-King Rat Video directed by the late Heath Ledger before
his passing. Great video speaking out against the commercial whaling
that goes on in the coast of New Zealand. He wanted to direct a video
for the band that touched on this subject. Animated by Terry Gilliam, I
enjoyed how the tables got turned and whales decided to hunt for humans
in order to feed hungry seals. I’m glad this project was completed after
his passing.

♥ Megan Fox bashes Michael Bay in an interview comparing him to Hitler,
but soon after the Transformers crew members wrote an open letter
slamming her as thankless, classless, graceless, dumb, trailer trash,
and ungracious
. I looved reading this..

Beautiful and creative sculpture boxes by Meredith Dittmar via Coilhouse.

♥ CNN’s inspiring look on how our living spaces and cities can be
inspired by nature by fusing efficiency and beauty
. I can only hope
we see this integrated into our cities very soon! Great innovative ideas!
via SwissMiss.

♥ This Android Sex doll is too freakishly real looking and even has a g-spot!
What the fuck!!?? via The Frisky.

Seth & Amy’s “Really?” from Thursday night takes on Kanye’s VMA outburst.
Love it! Also via The Frisky.

Kitten box-robot anyone? Or the little tiger and pig that happen to be best
buddies that spoon
? Cuteness via BuzzFeed.

♥ Doe Deere asks a good question, “To bra or not to bra?”. What do you
think? I have no choice due to my 36DD’s. If they were small then I could
see myself sans bra often. None of that though..

So what has everyone been up to this weekend? My last few days
or so have been a bit rough, but I’m dealing with it and really trying to
stay positive. Finding things to occupy my mind really help the situation!
Well, enjoy this week’s linkage..and oh yea Rammstein decided to release
a porno video
for one of their singles. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Watch at
your own risk because they show it all!

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