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Linkage Sunday 071909

♥ Blue Cupcake is offering free cupcakes and coffee on monday from 11am-2pm since
they will be having their cupcakes at Lot 44 in downtown LA. If you happen to be
in the area you should definitely go! I’ll be there for sure 🙂

free cupcakes and coffee on monday 11am-2pm

Død Snø or Dead Snow is a movie made n Norway that has Nazi zombies from hell!
Although it looks a bit cheesy, I cant wait to see it.

♥ If you don’t know who The Dead Weather are, then you have to check this out.
This is Jack White’s new band with members from Queens of the Stoneage and The Raconteurs.
They do a killer cover of Pentagram’s Forever My Queen song. They covered it very well!

♥ Dont forget that July 28th is Paul Reuben’s Day. Make sure to celebrate
the day Pee-Wee style with some of Gala’s cool ideas. Make it a fun one!