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Las Vegas Trip with Nanny & Nathan 121109-121309

It had been some time since we had all talked about going to Vegas.
I wanna say probably since before I turned 21. In any case, it didn’t
happen until this past December. And what a fun trip it was! The date was
perfect also since Nathans birthday had just passed a few days before.
Nanny is the perfect person to have come since she’s been there tons
of times and really knows what to check out. That weekend was so much
fun that on the way home we were talking about going back already!
The weekend included lots of booze and smoke, silly photos in Downtown
Vegas and in our hotel room, breakfast with a drink and some gambling
after, and late night dinner buffets. The only unfortunate thing that happened
that weekend is that a day before I found out that our oldest kitty at my
mom’s house was really sick and didn’t look too good. The next day while
we were on the road heading to Vegas, I got the call from my mom that
she passed. I know she lived a good long life but it was really sad to know
that she was gone. She was a part of my childhood and it made me soo
sad. I’m just glad she’s resting now and that she was in our lives. I cried
a little in the car and spent the weekend remembering her. Little Monique..

Well, sorry to have brought the mood down..soon enough though we
made it to Vegas and had some fun, so here’s my update..

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