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Cloud & Sky Junkie 003

A few days after I posted my last Cloud & Sky Junkie update, we spent
the day at The Huntington Library. The sky on this day was really beautiful
all day long! It was such a lovely day to be at the Huntington. I’m including
my photos from that day, plus a few others I took on my way home from
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The Month in Photos: December 2010

December was sooo much fun and went by so fast! In between the holidays
I managed to have some fun outings and ended up taking tons of photos for
the month. Had Kerri’s art show, The Getty, Magic Mountain, and The Huntington
Library, among a few other things here and there. Unfortunately there were a lot
of other personal things going on as well, but luckily we were still able to have
some fun and try to forget about certain things. It was a fun way to end the year!
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Things I Love Thursday 093010


Meeting Raquel for lunch last Friday. That was sooo much fun! We use to
work together back when I worked at Oversee. It was really nice to see her! We had
a good lunch at Mendocino Farms and hung out for a bit. Definitely too short though.
A photo outing should suffice!

Dennis Hopper exhibit at the Geffen Contemporary at Moca. I am really glad that I
went to check this out after lunch with Raquel. I took my time walking through the gallery.
I seriously had no idea that he was so personally involved in art. And the scale of his work was
something else. He has a few photographs that he enlarged to a full size wall into an oil on
canvas replica. Completely amazing! I stood in the middle of these and felt like an ant next
to them. Soo tiny! The brush strokes and crispness was truly wonderful. His photography
collection was raw and natural. I really enjoyed his many portraits of musicians and his travels.
I spent a nice time checking out the exhibit and museum.

KATATONIA!!! Finally after years of being a fan and waiting to see them, it finally
happened last Saturday! I had such an awesome time! We bought our tickets waaaay in advance
and patiently waited for the day to come. They played such a great show and played many of my
favorite songs! It was soo much fun to have perfect seats at The Galaxy (we had a table next to
the stage) and to be able to sing along to my favorite songs!! Priceless! I seriously can’t wait to see
them again soon!!! Very soon, I hope..

The clouds and sky lately have been filled with lovely colors and patterns. I’ve been finding
myself staring at them just in awe. More so lately than usual, since I’m almost always looking up into
the sky. I’ve been doing it since I was kid, since my mom use to tell me that the scattered clouds
were little sheep across the sky. In any case, I’ve had my eye on them lately. 😉

Pupusas!! Of course there has to be more than one food mention in here. Especially when
I just got my pupusa fix! Soo good! If you don’t know what they are, they are a Salvadorean dish
and consist of corn tortilla masa stuffed with a blend of your choice. They tend to be stuffed with
cheese, chicharones, beans, squash, and other options. I kept wanting to find a place to go have
some since the last time was some years ago at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. These were really
good. I got mine with cheese since those are my favorite and they were a perfect early dinner. And
this was Nathans first time trying them. He was pleasantly happy with the meal!

So what has kept your week busy?

xoxo Love & Hugs