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Cloud & Sky Junkie 003

A few days after I posted my last Cloud & Sky Junkie update, we spent
the day at The Huntington Library. The sky on this day was really beautiful
all day long! It was such a lovely day to be at the Huntington. I’m including
my photos from that day, plus a few others I took on my way home from
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Cloud & Sky Junkie 002

When I decided to start doing these updates, I never thought that the next
Cloud & Sky Junkie update would be a year later. Must do something to fix
that in 2011. In any case, why not end the year with a collection of my cloud
and sky photos for 2010. I hope you enjoy this years collection.

Here’s to a New Year of more cloud and sky photos and many other new adventures!
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Cloud & Sky Junkie 001

Ever since I was a kid I would always find myself looking up into the
sky and staring at the clouds and blue sky. I loved looking for forms
or shapes in the clouds and seeing things that only I could visualize.
It was always fun. My mom would have me look up at scattered clouds
across the sky and tell me how they were like little sheep running across
the sky. It was always something that I did and I still find myself to this
day doing it all the time, thus all the cloud and sky photos. For me it brings
me a calm and peaceful feeling. And it’s been something that I’ve been used
to for a long time.

With that I feel that the majority of my cloud and sky photos deserve their
own section here. So from now on I plan to accumulate my miscellaneous
cloud and sky photos into an entry as this one. Enjoy the photos and I hope
to bring you lots of variations of the clouds and sky high above us.

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