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Museum of African American Art & Moon Cake Fest w/Nanny & Tori 100309

So, it had been quite some time since I had last seen Nanny & Tori. We’ve been
talking a bit more on Facebook and decided to make some plans to get together.
Since this weekend was Free Museum Weekend we decided to go to the Museum
of African American Art. It was nice seeing Nanny & Tori today. We took our time and
checked out the 4 different sections inside of the museum. Divided into the following
sections: “In The Courtyard”, “Tuskegee Airman”, “Inside My Head”, and “Harlem of the
West”. I especially enjoyed the Inside My Head exhibit among the 4. But they were
all still great. I wouldn’t mind returning I just don’t like that I can’t take any photos
unfortunately. Of course that didn’t stop me..

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