By deadzie

Deadzie was born as Alba in the city of Los Angeles on the 4th day of the 4th month of the year 1981. School life was not very pleasant as she grew up in the ugly streets of south central Los Angeles. As she was growing up, she did not have many artistic mentors in her life, only two that had a major influence. Her father, which knew how to draw and wanted to be an architect, always liked her to experience new things in life and had a pretty open mind about artistic and alternate things. Secondly her 5th grade teacher, which introduced her to the arts in music and poetry, and took her to museums for visualization and to the Opera and Philharmonic to enjoy the music. Most recently her boyfriend of 11 years has been an influence and support in the work she does. Once in college, she enrolled to El Camino College and took a beginning course in photography in 2000. That’s when she found her calling and interest in the art of photography and took after the name Deadzie. Only one course was taken after she moved further away from her school and was unable to attend El Camino College.

DSCN1901 by you.

Deadzie is currently residing in Long Beach with her 4 cats and boyfriend. She is currently continuing her studies in photography at Long Beach City College, hoping to get her AS in photography in a few years and after that she hopes to move on to either a private art school or university to further her knowledge in photography and the arts. Currently finishing her general ed classes and taking photo classes as well, she also continues to receive exposure in many online magazines throughout the world. She enjoys many things including her pets, animal rights, photography, museums, art, music, forensics, anatomy, photo books, being with friends, going shopping, receiving snail mail, movies, art galleries, botanical gardens, sick and twisted cartoons, Joel Peter-Witkin, Gunther von Hagens, old photos, going to gigs, music, art shows, long drives by the beach, drinking, vegetarianism, and many other things.


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