That Scar of Mine

A few years back on an early morning, I jumped in the shower to start getting ready for work. For some reason the shower mat would not stick to the tub and would become slippery. I always tried my best to be careful knowing this would happen. Well this morning I lacked being careful and felt the consequence. As I was about to step out of the shower and reached my left leg over the tub my right leg slipped and went right under me. Somehow, the front of my leg managed to hit the shower door rail before the rest of my body fell in the bathtub. I lay there for a minute since my head got knocked sideways and I felt this nauseating dizzy feeling. Once I was out of the shower and got my leg cleaned up from the blood, I realized it was really swollen and starting to bruise. It took some time to completely heal, but now I have a permanent scar on my leg. When touching it, you can even feel the dent of where my leg hit the shower door rail. So I now have the scar with a dent in my leg forever.

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