The Month in Photos: October 2010

October came so very fast! I was really looking forward to this month since
I had my two week vacation to Mexico with family, plus a couple of fun outings
in between my trip like the taping for That Metal Show (which we missed
unfortunately) and the Trailer Park Boys show at the end of the month.
October was a lot of fun and I am very glad I got to go visit family. Six years
is way too long to wait to return.

♥ Self Portrait & Dinner at El Compadre 100110
We had tickets to go see the taping of That Metal Show in LA. Took this
photo before leaving to the taping. This was going to be our second time
going, except that we got there late. So we figured we have the extra time
so why not go grab something to eat in Hollywood since we were in the area.

So we ended up at one of our favorite spots, El Compadre. This was my
Chile Relleno plate. Soo good.

Along with my mojito, I also tried one of their flaming margaritas.
Soo tasty! Although we didn’t get to see the taping, we still had a
fun afternoon with some drinks and good food.

♥ Mexico Trip 101410-102910
This was my first trip back to Mexico since 6 years ago. How the time
flies so fast! I was really looking forward to seeing family and hopefully
some new spots. Plus a two week vacation was just what I needed. This
was inside of our taxi driver in Tijuana making our way to the airport.

We arrived in Mazatlan early afternoon. Wow, was it hot and humid!!
Luckily my aunt had a driver pick us up at the airport since we still had
two more hours to go to Acaponeta, where my mom is from. We were very
tired and hungry by the time we got to my grandparents house.

I had been craving gorditas for a long time. Where my mom grew up
it’s traditional to sell dinner out of homes, where you can see someone
cooking in their kitchen and you eat in their living room area. They
call these places Cenadurias (from the verb cenar which is to have supper
or dinner). They happen to have tons of these places where my mom
grew up but we only managed to go to a couple while there. This one
we went to the most since it was right around the corner. Something about
the tomato salsa makes these. Mmm..

This is the downtown area of the small town where my mom grew up.

Raspados on a hot day!

While being there I managed to take a bunch of photos of the backyard
and sideyard where my grandparents live.


The central plaza.



The lounging homeless cat that hangs around. It was always nice seeing him.


I took this in front of my cousins store. There were just tons of birds everywhere.
It was really neat to see. Just watch out for bird poop!

In any case, I happened to meet a second cousin that I had never met
before. He offered me beer and cigaretts and to hang out so I didn’t
want to say no. My mom, on the other hand, was a bit hesitant of me
staying out. I could understand, with the recent crime stories from around
here and me not being from the area. Luckily the night was fun. I hung out
with him at the store for a bit. Then we went back to his place so he could
change and we came back here, to this little cafe. They had the best baked
cheese, and then a few days later I tried their enchiladas which were also good.
Anyways, something happened with the cops at the store so we had to return
there before our food came. Once that was taken care of and we ate some of
that baked cheese, he took me to a local club. Now I never thought I would
have ended up at a nightclub out here. It was fun. Not all of it was my type of
music but it was a change to my routine while I was visiting. Having so much fun
the hours went by and before I knew it my watch read 3am when my mom expected
me much earlier. I knew both my mom and grandma would worry, which they
did do. When I got there my mom was waiting for me since I didn’t have the key
to get in. And both my grandparents were still awake. That was my mini-escape,
just wish I wouldnt have worried them so much. They were fine after, only laughing
about the situation. I had a really great time and was glad I was able to spend some
time with a cousin close to my age that loves to travel and can speak some english.
Definitely planning some trips with him soon.

Unfortunately for me though, the very next day I woke up with a bad hangover.
To add to that, I went to grab my phone to check the time, and it happened to
slip from my fingers and fell face down on the concrete floor. Once I picked it up
I noticed the screen wasn’t working. I was never able to get the phone to work again.
This left me without my iPhone for the remainder of my trip. Just a few weeks ago
I was finally able to replace my phone with an upgrade. It bummed me out but
there was nothing I could do.


Local graffitti.

More gorditas from a different location. These were just as good!

We couldn’t come out to Mexico and not go to the beach. This is the same
beach that we have always come to. We decided to eat some food before
strolling along the beach.





This was the end of our day at the beach. It was really perfect since the beach
was pretty much empty. What a fun day!

A self portrait before being picked up to catch our bus to Guadalajara.
We went and spent the weekend there the day after the beach. Soo exciting.
We caught a late night bus and we arrived about 6am almost. Got some sleep
and started our day!

My cousin took us to the historic parts of town. I only wish I had more
time to take photos and just kind of wonder through the streets. I really
enjoyed all the architecture here.









We then made our way to a part of Guadalajara called Tlaquepaque. We went
to this restaurant where you get to sit outdoors and watch mariachis play. It
was really fun.

Plus my mom and I shared this drink called a casuela, or skillet in english, that
had different kinds of juices and tequila. Yumm!

After we ate we walked around all the little shops and I did some shopping.
This was a really cool art shop with all these lights at the entrance. Soo nice!





The next day we went to the local mall. It was really nice and had a lot of
recognizable stores. I didn’t buy anything there. I couldn’t find anything
that I really wanted to buy at Zara. We did lots of walking and then went
and grabbed some food at an Italian restaurant.

This was my meal of baked cheese ravioli. It was really good, but unfortunately
made me sick and didn’t sit well with my stomach. I didn’t find out until in the
middle of the night. I have no clue why though. Luckily this was the only time I
got sick during the trip.

In the afternoon my cousin picked us up and we went to this other part of
town called Chapala. It has a huge church and lots of street vendors. We
grabbed churros on the way back home that were soo good!


The next day we didn’t have a ride around town so we caught the bus to
a smaller shopping center. We noticed that people drove like crazies around
here. While on the bus we saw one accident where a pedestrian was hit and
when we arrived at the shopping center we saw this accident. Insane. In any
case, since my aunt had a doctor’s appointment right across the street, we
just walked around and killed time around the shopping center. We had some
food and went into a candy store where my mom went nuts with candy. I only
bought some masapans. Since this was our last day it was more mellow.
We caught a late night bus back to Acaponeta and made it early morning about
almost 4am. We were really tired but had such a great time there.

When we returned we hung out with another cousin of mine. She took us over
to the river by these railroad tracks. We happened to drive by tons of old houses
that happened to be abandoned. They looked really nice.

We then met up my aunt and went out to dinner by the plaza.

The next day, on our last day in Acaponeta we went and had botana with
my cousin and aunt. Botana is translated to snack or appetizer. Well in Mexico
this is typically accompanied by some beer. What you see here is what you get
with one beer. About 5 plates of seafood and potato taquitos to snack on.
Oh my god, I got sooo full! I got a nice buzz! After the botana I hung out with
my cousin and we went for a drive with some beers. Needless to say by the time
we came back it was dark and I was buzzed.

The next day was our last day in Mexico. We said our goodbyes and caught a bus
to Mazatlan. Since our flight was later in the day, we decided to get to Mazatlan early
to enjoy the day out there. We got a taxi cab to drive us around town to show us some
of the nicer parts of Mazatlan and then take us to the airport. This is a nightclub on
the main strip of Mazatlan.







We made it all the way around the coast to the other side. It seriously felt like
a super quick day trip in Mazatlan. Glad we still had some time to do it.

This was on the plane waiting to depart for Tijuana. Well it was indeed a fun trip.
So glad I finally got to return. I’m planning a return trip with my cousin plus I’m sure
my mom and I will return for some family time also. What a fun two weeks that went
incredibly fast! Too bad for me that my throat started aching on the flight. Once our
flight arrived Nathan picked us up and we made our way home. After dropping off my
mom I felt the need for some In N Out to welcome me home and then some rest.
Of course I didn’t end up in bed til about 4am talking and reminiscing about the trip.
Til next time..

*More photos can be found at the Flickr set.

♥ Trailer Park Boys at The Wiltern 103010
What can I say other than that a Trailer Park Boys show is always fun! This was
Conky on the screen. Anyways, even though I was sick and very tired from returning
from my trip, I still had to go to this. I had bought the tickets way in advance. There
was no way we were missing it. It was such a fun show and I’m so glad we went!

The boys up to their usual antics.



Mr. Lahey and Randy on the screen.

Bubbles trying to finish his audition tape that the rest of the boys
keep screwing up.

What a fun show! So glad we went to see them again!! Can’t wait for the
next time they return. After the show we went next door to Denny’s for some
late night food and then back home. This made my whole weekend!

*More photos can be found at the Flickr set.

I’m skipping a November post since there are no photos for that month. There
was still a lot of fun in November: Thanksgiving dinner with family, Jackass 3D,
finding a new nail salon spot and a color I love!, and the Faith No More show!!!

xoxo Love & Hugs



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