The Month in Photos: September 2010

So September was one of those fun months with lots of stuff to look
forward to. I had a Baptism I was shooting for a friend, the Mummies
of the World exhibit, the Dennis Hopper exhibit and the much awaited
Katatonia show that I had missed multiple times before. There was a lot
that I was looking forward to, among other things this month. Read on
to find out more and see photos.

♥ Daviel’s Birthday/Baptism 091210
My friend Claudia had mentioned to me that she was taking care of the
baptism for her little nephew. They all happen to be old friends of Nathan
and I’ve known them for some time now too. The location was set at the
Wayfarer’s Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, not too far form where I work.
The view from here and the grounds are gorgeous! It’s interesting that
when I mentioned this place to my co-worker it turned out she had been
married here many years before. As well as her daughter just a few years ago.
In any case, I’m not a religious person, but I could seriously spend hours
here taking photos. It’s such a beautiful and calming place.

Since my friend wanted to get some photos before the reception we got
there nice and early in order to have some time. Unfortunately the rest of
the party ended up being late so by the time they arrived we all just went
in for the reception. Fortunately I was able to take a lot of photos while
waiting and walked around the grounds of the chapel occupying my time.



I just love all the natural light that comes in from the glass walls.




This is little Daviel. Such a cute little boy. It happened to be his
birthday as well, he turned 1. This was the during the reception.

Here he was saying that he’s one. Adorable!

After the reception and getting some photos with the family outdoors
we went back to the grandparents house for the party. It happened to
be a Dr. Seuss party. It was a lot of fun.

We had a really good time.

*More photos can be found at the Flickr set.

♥ Mummies of the World Exhibit 091810
Since I had heard about this exhibit I had really wanted to go. I always liked
learning about mummies since I was a kid. Unfortunately for me there were no
photos allowed inside the exhibit. I did still happen to snap this one quickly.

There were a lot of neat artifacts and mummies. It was cool to see how different
climates in different parts of the world can affect the mummification process.
We had a fun time. After the exhibit we walked around the Science Center to
browse through other exhibits and parts of the museum.

I found this really nice area of the museum that overlooked the entrance
and this was the roof. I had a good time here taking photos. All those lines
make me extremely visually happy.









Then we went into this exhibit, to which I don’t remember the name of, that had
these huge screens on either side of the wall. It was really neat to see. Fun day!

♥ No Makeup Week 092010
Day 1 092010. At work starting off with the first day.
When I woke up this morning I read about this project called No Makeup Week
launched by Rabbit Write. I thought, well I don’t already wear any makeup to
work during the week, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I did still need to fill in my
eyebrows lightly since they are not all grown out. It was fun to do.

Day 2 092110. The next day I wasn’t feeling too good so I stayed home home
to relax and feel better. I had no ned for makeup so this is completely without.

Day 3 092210. This was after our lunch at the PV Golf Club with work.

Day 4 092310. This was at work almost done with my day.

Day 5 092410. Getting home from having lunch with Raquel and going to the
Hopper exhibit at MOCA.

I still ended up wearing no makeup to the Katatonia show, which I never would
have thought I would do. It was no different than any other show so it really didn’t
matter. All I cared about was the show, of course. Ultimately I had a lot of fun spending
this week not worrying about makeup. Like I said earlier, I go pretty light on the makeup
during the week so I would have no problem going without, except for the eyebrows
for now. Once grown out or tattooed then I can go fully without if I wanted to. I do enjoy
wearing makeup so i could never give that up, but doing it for a week was enjoyable.

♥ Work Lunch at the PV Golf Club 092210
We ended up going to lunch at the club after a meeting at work. It’s always nice
going here to eat since you get a nice view of the golf course. There would be no
other way I would have ever gone here if it wasn’t for my boss. Relaxing afternoon.

A view of the course with the beach in the background to the left. It was a
pleasant end to the day.

♥ Dinner at The Yardhouse 092310
Nathan and I decided to go have some early dinner at The Yardhouse. I always like
going there and having some drinks. I had noticed the last time I had been here that
they had added some vegetarian and vegan meat choices on the menu. I didn’t think
to give it a try, until today. Going through the many gardein choices I ended up trying
the chicken strips. Oh my god, they looked exactly the same like real chicken strips and
tasted just as good. The chicken was stringy and had juiciness. It was sooo good!!
I really need to go back to have these again and try their other options as well. I also
had the spinach and artichoke dip and the grilled artichoke, both super tasty!!

♥ Lunch with Raquel & Dennis Hopper Exhibit 092410
It had been some time since I had hung out with Raquel, so I made plans
to go have lunch with her and on the same day be able to catch the Dennis
Hopper exhibit before it ended. we met up and had a nice lunch at Mendocino
Farms. This was my first time going here. It was really good and their lemonade
was tasty, especially on this hot day.

I hung out with Raquel until her lunch was over. We went and relaxed under
the trees outside of the library. Once her lunch was over we said our goodbyes.
I had such a nice time at lunch with her. I then made my way to MOCA in Little Tokyo.


Unfortunately there were no photos allowed here either. Needless to say
it was a really cool exhibit. I had no idea of all the work that he had! Such
a creative person! I really enjoyed his photographs! And his large scale
paintings of smaller pieces. I was in awe and felt really tiny next to them.
I only wish I could have snapped one photo of this. Really inspiring.

Of course afterward I walked around a bit and snapped some photos.




I ended up walking a little further than I thought, but that was fine.Since
it was later in the day it had cooled off. Plus it was a nice walk.


Soon after I jumped on the bus to make my way to the train before everyone
got out of work. Had a really nice day!

♥ Katatonia Show at The Galaxy 092510
I had been waiting for this day for some time. Since I had missed all their
shows in town in the past, I had to go to this. We got tickets pretty early.
This was such a good show! We got a table for dinner at a perfect spot!
We got to see all the opening bands, which were pretty good.

Swallow the Sun from Finland.

Orphaned Land from Israel.

Katatonia, finally!!! Sooo good!I had the best time!!







Such an awesome night!!! I sang through pretty much all the songs and
we had the best spot! I seriously did feel like a giddy little girl during and
after the show.

♥ Lunch at El Metapaneco 093010
I had mentioned to Nathan that I missed having pupusas. They are a Salvadorean
dish made of corn masa and filled with cheese, different meats, or beans. These are
so good. We had also noticed that there were a few places on the way to my job
that served these. We decided to go have lunch at one of these places. We ended up
at El Metapaneco. They were really good here. Plus for Nathan he had never tried them.
He really liked them also.

This was my plate with the curtido which is a cabbage relish that’s lightly fermented.
I cannot have pupusas without this and Chile. This was a good meal.

xoxo Love & Hugs



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