Weekly Linkage 100210

Curved Boardwalk 0407
I had started this weekly post as Linkage Sunday, but have since stopped doing it.
I started realizing that I never ended up having time to post it. Since then, I have
been thinking about it, and on how to do it. I decided to call it Weekly Linkage,
since I will try to keep it weekly sometime during the week. As with Tilt, I will try to
stay on top of it. So with that, I bring you this weeks Weekly Linkage for your pleasure.

Catchy Colors Photoblog. This is one of my new favorite sites!! I love browsing
through the monochromatic images on this blog. There are some really lovely photos to see!

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story of Loyalty in Tokyo. This is such a sad and heartwarming
story. And really shows dog’s loyalty to man. How freaking sweet! I’m curious to see the
movie, but I know I would be crying my eyes out.

How to Travel Without a Plan. Really neat article with some good advice!

The Adam & Eve hotel in Turkey is beyond gorgeous! It definitely makes me
want to plan a trip to Turkey to check this place out. Definitely going in my bookmarks.

100 Things To Do When You Feel Like You’re Losing It. There are some pretty
good tips on here. And some that aren’t so much, but more good ones!

Dog Plays Fetch With Raven. Adorable video!!! I truly love animals!!!

The Facebook Movie in One Minute. I’m only really posting this for the
funny Taiwanese CGI animation that never gets old. So far I’ve seen numerous
animations, like Vegas hotel guests are fried by death rays and Girlfriends Revenge.
The animations make me laugh…

Awesome thing #405 When someone pronounces your name right on the
first try
. My name has been pronounced differently so many times. And I’m sure
I’m not the only one with this problem.

City Living. Images by Akos Major. There is something about the coldness
in these images that draws me to them. Just beautiful!

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. It’s rather cute, although I do see these
patterns in our cats a lot!! Hmmm….I’m on to you guys!

Thanks for reading and make sure to email me any suggestions for Weekly Linkage!!

xoxo Love & Hugs



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