Things I Love Thursday 081910


Mellow weekends at home. I seriously love weekends like this.

Seeing birds fly in unison. I’ve always loved watching this.

Spending an evening at the fair on the last weekend. Had some really good waffle-cut
fries and pomegranate martini. Yummm! And got to see my piece at the exhibit on a jellyfish wall.

Having monkee time in the morning before heading to work. Almost as if they want me to
stay home from work. Their cuteness can often be irresistible!

Making plans with friends to do fun stuff. I love planning ahead as often as possible.
I still can’t believe September is around the corner! Can I have a pause button please!?

Actually balancing my checkbook to the exact penny! This is a miracle because it
never balances out perfectly! I was shocked and happy at the same time! Now to keep doing it..

Having a squirrel buddy pop up at my work’s patio. Unfortunately the little rascal
was gone by the time i grabbed my phone. Before I knew it he had climbed a tree. Too cute!

xoxo Love & Hugs



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