Things I Love Thursday 080510

♥ Being able to get rid of a day and a half pressure headache that was really bugging
me. It was about time it left me alone.

♥ Having another great spa afternoon with Kerri. I swear everyone should spend at least
one day for themselves to do this. I always feel 100x’s better than when I walked in. This particular
afternoon I really enjoyed the warm salt bath. It was soo soothing and left little bubbles all over
my skin as I layed in it. I also took more than a couple of dips in the freezing cold pool. Up until
this day, I never thought that I would have ended up taking a dip. As soon as your legs and feet
touched the water it made them hurt, and I’m not kidding. But something about this felt soo good
that it made me go back and go deeper in. The rush is what I’m thinking because I felt great as
soon as I got out. I always just look forward to the next spa day..

♥ Staying up extremely late. I know I have mentioned this before, but really, I love it.
As I type this I have Ren & Stimpy in the background! Gives me another reason to stay up late..

♥ Blueberries!!! In the past two weeks I have had a massive amount of blueberries all to
myself. Now when I say massive I may be exaggerating but for me it seems like it. It’s perfect thought
because I can snack on those little berries anytime. Soo good!!

♥ Books on my iPhone are great! I had downloaded The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and
had started reading it but I stopped for some reason. I started reading it again a few days ago and
was done by the following day. It was soo quick! The book was already a shorter read, but reading it
on my phone seemed to make it a quicker read also. In any case, I have already downloaded a few more
books that I plan to read to keep myself occupied while on the bus.

So what has been making your week extra special?

xoxo Love & Hugs



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