Things I Love Thursday 062410

♥ Getting one of my photos accepted to the OC Fair competition this year!!!
I am soo excited! I truly can’t wait!

♥ Going to the Todd Schorr reception in LA with Nanny and Tori and getting
to see his really awesome art! I really love his work! It’s twisted and colorful and fun
and just great!

♥ Having a really fun day with Nanny and Tori on Saturday and having a nice
lunch at Cafe Midi after the reception.

♥ Going to the art supply store and bar hopping with Kerri on Sunday. Had a
really fun time and got a bit too drunk! And we had a delish lunch at The Pike, as always!

Ernie A Photographer’s Memoir by Tony Mendoza is the best! I really love that
little photo book. I am soo glad I stumbled across it at the Art Warehouse.

♥ And, I’m soo glad this work week is over! Now weekend fun begins! And one
week closer to Vegas!

I hope everyone had a nice week. What happened this week with you?

xoxo Love & Hugs


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