What’s Been Going On!? [with photos] Part 2 030210-040410

To continue with last weekends half update, here is the rest. Click below to read on and see the photos..

♥ Joe’s Birthday Lunch at The Red Onion 030210

The week I came back from New York, it happened to be Joe’s
birthday. Joe is the owner of the company I work for. Since Red
Onion is Joe’s favorite place to go, the initial plan for a birthday
present was to buy him stock, but being that it’s privately owned
there’s no stock. Next best thing was to take him out to eat there.
Their food is always good, just wish it wasn’t the only one around.

This wasn’t my first time eating there but it was my first time eating
in. It had that old school Mexican feel with lots of different frames
with old photos and porcelain and books in bookcases. It was really
nice to get out of the office to go eat.



These were my enchiladas with black beans and potatoes. Sooo good!!

Joe had decided he wanted pineapple upside down cake.
Luckily the bakery down the street from work made one so
we got it there. It was really good and had been ages since
I last had it. My mom used to make it when I was growing up.
She loved baking all the time, especially cakes.

I had to have a cherry with it. Hahaha. Joe had a nice
birthday and we all got nice and stuffed on food and cake.

♥ Miscellaneous 030310
At work we have a tree that drops these little petals on
the floor of our porch. This day the floor happened to be
covered with many. It looked almost like drops of snow.


And this is that tree with the petals. I love being able
to have little moments of distraction like this at work.

♥ Alice in Wonderland on IMAX 3D 031110
When I first heard about Alice in Wonderland being done
by Burton, I wasn’t very sure if I wanted to see it in the theater
or not. As I saw more previews it definitely caught my eye.
And boy was I wrong about my initial feeling. We went to see
it in IMAX 3D and it really felt like that should be the only way
to see movies. I really really enjoyed it! It’s funny because I read
reviews and things and seemed that many were saying the movie
dragged a bit. I didn’t get that at all. If anything before I knew it the
movie was over and I just kept staring at the screen as it got filled
with blooming vivid flowers while the credits rolled. I wish I could
have seen it a second time, but it hasn’t happened. Just glad we
did get to see it with that experience.

♥ Loki & Shiva 031910
I can honestly say that I have to tried to not overdo myself with monkee
photos. Often times I can’t resist their cuteness. This was one of those times.
Loki being his usual self.


Shiva with Miss Kittie in the background.




♥ Asteroids Galaxy Tour at The Echo 032310
The last time that the Asteroids Galaxy Tour had come to town
was about a year ago and I happened to miss that show. As soon
as I found out that they were playing I bought tickets and made
plans to go. They’re a Danish pop funk band. They have a really
unique style and sound and their singer, Mette, is so petite but has
a really soulful voice. It was really great to finally have seen them.
They played at The Echo so it was a very small bar and very cozy.
It was a great show that ended too soon!! I can’t wait for them to return.
In any case, this photo was inside of The Echo and I was playing with
my new Hipstamatic app on my phone. I’m liking it and paying with it
more and more.





More photos of the show can be found on the Flickr Set.

♥ Business Work Lunch at PV Golf Club 032510
At work there was an important meeting between a few different people,
some that had come in from out of town to go over some broadband
license things. We decided to host a lunch at Joe’s golf club in Palos
Verdes before the actual meeting. This golf course was on a cliff with a
beautiful view. Too bad we weren’t seated closer to the window. In any
case, it was a really nice place. I just about felt out of place here but it
was all fun. And the food was good. Of course knowing me, I had to snap
a few inconspicuous photos with my phone.



♥ Blackout Night 032710
Not a lot needs to be said about this. The lights went out and
didn’t come back on until the next morning. With no lights and
no TV I opted to take a few photos to keep me busy.


♥ Lunch at The Pike after Hot Tub Time Machine 032810
I must say Hot Tub Time Machine was a very funny movie.
I was glad we got to go see it. It had those hilarious moments
and took the audience back to the 80’s. It was really funny.
Anyways, once we got out we were hungry so decided to
stop by The Pike for some food. We don’t typically eat in since
we usually order out and eat at home. This time though we decided
to hang out and have a couple of beers and food. Its a fun place
to get cheap beers and good food with a cool vibe.


♥ Miscellaneous 032910
Just a little tid-bit of my day. Walking from work to my bus stop
heading home. It’s a nice downhill walk. This is the view behind
me as I walk away.

♥ Ramses 033110
It’s not very easy to get a good photo of Ramses since he’s
so paranoid for some reason. I like this photo of him though.

♥ Haircut 040110
It had been some months since I got my haircut. I decided it
was about time for a cut. I went back to my usual girl and once
again she gave me a great cut and I was super satisfied!!

♥ Dinner at The Pike before Sick & Twisted Fest 040110
We decided to grab some dinner at The Pike before going to see
Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival. Especially since the Art
Theater isn’t very far. As we sat there and ate our food we noticed
it started getting more and more crowded. Luckily by the time it started
getting packed we were done and heading out. The fest was insane
and awesome as always. There were many of the cartoons that I really
enjoyed. And I was glad that it came back to the Art since that was the
first theater that I got to see it in years back. It was a fun night!


♥ First Fridays with Kerri at The Natural History Museum 040210
My friend Kerri had mentioned to me that she wanted to check
out First Fridays at The Natural History Museum. I had heard about
it but didn’t make any plans to go until she brought it up. I am very
glad we got to go! We had such a fun time! There was live music,
drinks, and some food and snacks. I really liked the way they had it
set up. We got there early enough that we got to enjoy a lot of the
museum with no people. We did lots of walking, checked out the
dinosaurs and all the animals, and the bird exhibit too. There was also
a section with some live insects. That was neat too. Luckily she got us
season tickets for First Fridays so we’ll get to go again in May and June.
More fun!! Plus the live DJ’s and music really added to atmosphere.
And our snacks of Pita Chips with Hummus and a Cheese plate really
went well with our Stella’s. Left me craving more cheese, crackers,
and fruit. Anyways, I can’t wait for the next one!






More photos of fun can be found on the Flickr Set.

♥ Birthday Dinner with Mom at Macaroni Grill 040310
For one I really can’t believe my birthday came and went soo quickly.
Another year gone. I am glad though to say that the past year has been
sun and I’ve been trying to make the most of it when possible! It’s also
hard to believe that I had not seen my mom in months. Since before Xmas!!
I still had some presents from Nathans mom and goodies from our trips.
It was really nice to see her and have a nice dinner out. We picked the
Macaroni Grill to go eat. I always like to take my mom to new places that
she hasn’t been. She’s soo busy with work and things that she doesn’t get
out to places like this very often. Plus catching up is always nice! It started
off my birthday perfectly!

My mushroom raviolis that were very tasty!

My moms clear distaste of having her photo taken. I still manage.


My brother being serious, hehehe.

And the delicious cheesecake we all shared. Mmmmm soo good!


♥ Birthday Dinner with Tish & Jeff at The Stinking Rose 040410
I always love going to The Stinking Rose. Since Nathans parents
wanted to take us out to eat for my birthday we decided to go here.
We’ll say it was a weekend full of good food!!! My mandatory mojito!

We reserved a booth and it was very nice. I liked the striped curtains
that covered each table. Luckily we went earl enough and on Easter
that it was pretty much empty. It was really great!

I love all the different areas in the restaurant and the art seen all
over the walls and ceiling. It’s very animated!

This was my grilled portobello mushroom cap with eggplant, grilled
veggies, and garlic mashed potatoes. Mmm sooo good!! Plus we
snacked on the garlic spinach dip and bread.




*Comments are always appreciated 😉

xoxo Love & Hugs


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