What’s Been Going On!? [with photos] Part 1 012110-022810

So it’s been since the end of January that I last updated with anything. It has definitely
been a busy and fun past few months. Lots of fun stuff that happened and people I saw.
And with it, tons of photos to document it all! How could I not!? It has really been a great
past few months. I will try to keep this one a bit short and will do the rest of the update later..

♥ Clouds 011210
Clouds that I noticed as I was leaving work.

♥ Weekend with Nanny 012210-012310
Nanny had invited me to go to the Tattoo Expo in Pomona and also needed help
with organizing her closet. We decided to make a weekend out of it which worked
out perfectly. We went through lots of clothes and made lots of trips to the Goodwill
drop off location. We made a stop at Souplantation for late lunch and went to Forever
21 to browse around.

I noticed these clouds after we were leaving a huge Forever 21 in Lakewood.

Got these when we were coming back from the mall.


Late at night we got hungry and made our way to Denny’s for food. I ended up
having breakfast for dinner which I never mind, haha! This was when we were
returning from eating. It was a really nice night.


Morning clouds on our way to the Tattoo Expo.


I really liked this booth with all the Day of the Dead things.


These were really neat also.

When we were leaving I noticed the nice clouds overhead and couldn’t resist some photos!




We made it back and hung out relaxing. These are Tori’s cute little mice.

And her cute bunny…

♥ Cooking Potatoes & Carrots 012810

Decide to try wax paper for the first time and make a pouch with potatoes and carrots.
All I used was a bit of rosemary leaves, some salt, pepper, and olive oil. They came out
really good.

♥ Drinks with old friends @The Yardhouse 013010

So it had been about 10 years since I had last seen these friends. How the time flies.
Luckily we were all able to reconnect, and of all places through Facebook. It’ such an
interesting place I tell you! If it wouldn’t have been for that then who knows if we would
have ever gotten back in touch. In any case we met at The Yardhouse in Long Beach
for some drinks and snacks while bullshitting like old times. We reminisced about the
fun stuff we would do and did a lot of laughing while getting caught up with our lives.
What a fun afternoon. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t take us another 10 years to hang out
again now that were in touch, haha!





This was our waiter in the background. He was a lot of fun and managed to get into the shot.





♥ Dinner with Tish & Jeff @Lucille’s 020610

We invited Tish & Jeff out to dinner for Jeff’s birthday. We had a nice time.
This was my large strawberry mojito…Mmmmm


We don’t know why this waiter kept standing like this. At one point his legs
were spread wider than this. Weird…

♥ Crazy Heart @The Art Theatre 021210

We went to see Crazy Heart at The Art Theater. It was a really good movie and
even better that we went to a local empty theater indie theater instead of dealing
with crowds.

♥ Las Vegas Trip 021910-022110

This Vegas trip was tons of fun!! It was Nathan, Nanny, Cathy & myself. We spent
lots of walking time in downtown, checked out the Venetian and walked around the
strip, bought more glass jewelry, and coming back ended up at Alien Jerky again.
This makes it trip number two to Vegas, and waiting for the next one..


*More photos of the trip can be found on the Flickr Set.

♥ Trailer Park Boys Show @The Wiltern 022510
Oh my god!! Nathan got me into this show about a year or two ago and since we have
gotten a few other people into the show. When we found out they were coming to LA,
we changed all of our prior plans to make sure that we went to this show. It was the best
decision we made! We laughed soo hard and had sooo much fun!! Let’s just say the inside
of The Wiltern was covered in smoke, and the staff was very chill about that. It was mad fun!!


*More photos of the show can be found on the Flickr Set.

♥ New York Trip with Nathan 022610-022810

Nathan and I had talked about taking a trip to New York for the first time. My first reason for
it was after I found out that Tim Burton was having an exhibit out there. Luckily things worked
out for the better. We made the plans and decided to have a quick weekend out there and to
try to squeeze in as much as we could. The first night was a bit of a drag, but the rest of the
weekend made up for it. We had a great view of the Empire State Building, we walked around
and stumbled across Times Square and Radio City Music Hall, checked out the Tim Burton exhibit
and sneaked some photos from it, took a bus tour around New York and got to see lots of sites,
briefly saw Ground Zero, walked around in the snow for the first time and loved it, went to Rockefeller
Center, went to the top of the Empire State Building, did shopping at H&M, had the best brunch, and
took tons of photos! It was an awesome weekend and I hope to return very soon!!!




*More photos of the trip can be found on the Flickr Set.

*Comments are always appreciated 😉

xoxo Love & Hugs


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