End of 2009

I’m glad to be getting caught up with updates and photos. It was about time, haha!

♥ Spa Day & Thai Food with Kerri 121809
My last Spa trip with Kerri had been back in August so it was much needed, especially
a week after my Vegas trip. All that drinking and smoking needed to be detoxed. Anyways,
as always it was a great spa trip. We went in the afternoon but yet it was extremely quiet.
This time though as I was getting ready to shower I felt my knees getting weak and just
didn’t feel good. I sat for a bit to calm myself down and Kerri brought me a V8 juice which
helped, plus I drenched myself in cold water which really helped. Glad I didn’t pass out
or anything. Anyways, once we left we headed to get some Thai food for refueling. We
went to out usual place, Golden West Thai. This was their Xmas tree.


Mmmmm..I love this stuff!

Kerri enjoying her meal. Once we were done with our food we headed to do some shopping at
Terra Bella. We walked around and went into a few of the shops.I ended up buying goodies at
Cost Plus for later. I also found a couple of really cute necklaces but by the time that we made it
back to pick them up they were closing. Luckily Kerri works in the area so she offered to pick them
up for me the following day. It was definitely a fun day with my big sis..

♥ Affliction $5 Xmas Concert 121909
Nathansfriend got us these tickets so even though they were only $5 we didn’t have to pay for
them which was awesome. We were very close to not going [since there was a screw up when we
first tried picking up the tickets, but I won’t get into that] but luckily last minute we got the tickets.
This was right when we got there..still pretty empty.

I decided not to bring my camera since I wasn’t sure if they were going to trip about that. All I
had for photos was my iPhone. We had a perfect spot for the show but with the iPhone it still
looks far. Anyways, this is T.S.O.L. on stage.

This was Suicidal Tendencies at the end of their show with everyone on stage! It was crazy packed..

Pennywise played also and towards the end of the show the mass of people from backstage
made their way on stage.

It was a good show…Danzig played also but we decided to leave in the middle of the first song.
We both had already seen them play before and plus we were hungry and tired from standing.
On to Taco Bell we went for foodz..

♥ Lunch with Laura 122309
Laura and I have known each other since we were like in first grade or something, very long.
We grew up on the same street. When we were growing up we knew each other but we were
never close, until we started talking more about 10 or so years ago. We’ve kept in touch and
always talked about getting together but we never managed to set a date. This day I happened
to get out of work early and felt like grabbing lunch. The first person I thought of was Laura to
see if she was around and could hang out. Luckily we were able to touche base and we met up
a couple hours later in Long Beach at The Yardhouse. It was very impromptu and last minute but
I’m very glad we got together. This was Laura enjoying her dessert before lunch, hehehe..

I really likes this photo of her. We talked and got caught up with life and things. We’ve talked
on the phone for a while but had not seen each other since back when I still lived with my mom
at the old block.

This was Laura’s plate. I believe she got shrimp enchiladas and jerk chicken…

I got my grilled cheese with basil and tomato bisque soup. Sooo tasty!

It was all very yummy and I had a great time. Laura dropped me off and we spent about an extra
30 or so minutes in the car talking and car watching. It was fun. Laura kept getting worried with all
the crazy drivers that pass by on 3rd St. They can be maniacs..

♥ New Years Eve Dinner 123109
Kerri and I had talked about meeting up for some early dinner on New Years Eve. Originally
we talked about going to The Yardhouse, but that night they were having a Red Bull event.
It would have been fun but we really weren’t in the mood for massive crowds at Shoreline
Village, so we ended up at BJ’s Pizza. I didn’t actually get any photos of our dinner, these were
before leaving.

This happens to be the red heart glass pendant that I found in Vegas and couldn’t leave
without. I really wanted to wear it that night. It was really nice. Once we finished our dinner
we came home and had Todd come over. We celebrated New Years Eve watching Trailer Park
Boys all night and drinking some beers and having some smoke, hehe. I stayed up til 4am
watching TPB until I got tired and passed out. It was a nice mellow New Years Eve..glad it was
that way.

Well that covers my last two weeks in December. The New Year is starting off pretty well.
Let’s see where it goes…& I hope everyone have a great 2010 also!

xoxo Love & Hugs


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