Photo Update 2

Here is part 2 of my update. Enjoy…

♥ Brunch with Erin & The Girls 112109
So Erin had mentioned that she wanted to have a girlie get together one day
and decided to plan a brunch at 212 Bistro. Their brunch drink is a mimosa,
which is really good. They offer bottomless mimosas which you can’t pass up.
Pretty much you pay $6 for 2 mimosas and any others after that are free.
It was all really good and it was nice to see Sha’Dona, Jan and Erin. also

By the time that I arrived Jan and Erin had already finished their first drink
and Sha’Dona had started her’s while I ordered mine. Before we knew it the
chef brought us over this huge bottle of champagne and the tiny little cup
of orange juice. The juice and champagne ration got thrown off after this drink.
Once that champagne bottle got left on our table let’s just say that it became ours.
We started pouring our own drinks, and some with hardly any juice.


Their patio was really cute and small. I was really surprised thought for the area
to have found this place not packed. Many breakfast/brunch places in Long Beach
tend to be pretty busy. This place had that perfect amount of people to make it
cozy and comfortable.

I ordered the Bistro Omelet with soyrizo. It was really good!! And the potatoes
were perfectly crispy. I definitely plan to go back to enjoy this again!

Erin showing her breakfast that looked really good too!

Sha’Dona and Erin enjoying their mimosas..


Jan and her mimosa..


I must say that it is very easy to get hammered on mimosas. They taste so good
that it just feels like your drinking orange juice and hardly any champagne. Well
let’s just say that after sitting at our table with the drinks and brunch for some hours,
they quickly get to your head. I really got hammered for a mellow Saturday afternoon.

After we left the restaurant we went next door to Jan’s apartment. Her sister met
us outside. It’s hilarious thinking back on the moment that I realized I needed to walk
up the stairs. I had an interesting time getting up the stairs to her apartment. Well we
made our way up there to hang out for a bit and smoke. Well that added to the drunkenness!



Nathan and I had planned to head to the mall after I was done with brunch. Well the
trip to the mall was a blurry mess. When I left Jan’s apartment, Erin headed to take a
nap and I managed to leave my leftovers and sweater. I was really drunk obviously!
I felt ok heading to the mall, but damn I was really drunk. I couldn’t walk straight
for one ans honestly I don’t know how I was able to do it. I came straight home and
passed out for some hours. Luckily I was able to wake up a few hours later a bit more
sober and not very hungover. I just still can’t believe how out of control I got with the
drinks. I know now for next time that I have to take it easy with the mimosas, haha!
An great afternoon drunk brunch with some awesome ladies!

♥ Thanksgiving at Tishs’ 112609
We tend to have Thanksgiving at Tishs’ place every year. My brother and mom were able
to make it so it was nice seeing them as well. And this is Mina and Tazzie laying around..

Ashy was being soo cute..




As mentioned before with that last Express order I found lots of stripey items that I had to buy.
With them was this dress. I decided to wear it for Thanksgiving. And the boots I have had for
some years now. I looove those boots so much! They literally went perfectly with the dress!


It’s not very often that I get to take full body self portraits of what I wear.
Well I had to take advantage of the full body mirror for this occasion.

I loved this outfit so much that it went with me to Vegas, boots and all.



Mom hanging out on the coach after we ate. I always try to get photos of
her but she always gives me a struggle, hehe. I’ve been happy with those that
she has let me get of her..

Thanksgiving was awesome as always and it was really nice to see my mom and
the rest of the family as well! Plus a nice long weekend is great also!

♥ Christmas Party at Work 120209
Since many of the people at work were going to be leaving for the holidays
they decided to do a little Christmas party at the office with some lunch and
a few nice gifts. For lunch they decided on getting Red Onion which I had never
had. I got the cheese enchilada with Chile Relleno and black bean hard shell taco
with black beans and potatoes. It was really freaking good!! Even the leftovers a
few days later tasted as good as when I first ate it. Must go to Red Onion again soon!


All the gifts laid out..

I really loved all the things that they got me. Kathleen got me a Mac gift card
and some hand soap and lotion caddy’s, Vickki got me a body scrub and lotion
set from Pier One, and Stephanie got me a cute spiky ornament and a little porcelain
glass and cover with flowers. For not knowing me for a long time they really were able
to figure out some cute stuff to get me because I really wasn’t expecting this many gifts
at all!

At the same time with this Christmas party we were celebrating Stephanie’s birthday
which had passed while she was away in Nicaragua. So a birthday cake was brought in.

Stephanie, Kathleen, and Eileen enjoying the cake..

Joe and Vickki talking..

♥ The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien 120409
Ever since we had found out that Conan was coming to L.A. I had tried looking
for tickets hoping to find them soon. They didn’t become available until right about
the time they started filming. Nathan and I had both tried requesting tickets twice
when they finally got in touch with Nathan and we got our pair of tickets. We were
both so stoked to go and be there and see Conan in the flesh!! This was on our way there.



We got there at a pretty good time. We arrived about 2:30 and we were in the second line.
The first line got to go in a lot earlier than everyone else. We luckily didn’t have to wait too
long standing and we got pretty good seats as well.

This was the line of people that had to go after us. It was really awesome getting to
see the show tape, and getting to see Consie himself!! Rawrrrr..hehe. Unfortunately
no photos were allowed inside of the studio so there was no way I could. They warned
everyone that if anyone is caught trying to take a photo they will make you stand up
and pull up the photo to delete in front if the guard. Very strict but I guess that’s how
it is in a studio. We got to see Rachel McAdams and Mindy Kaling from The Office on the
show. As soon as we left we headed to grab some food since we skipped on lunch to arrive
on time. We headed to the nearest Fatburger across the street to grub before making
our way home. We had a great time and hope to go back see a future taping soon!

♥ Nathans Birthday Dinner at The Yardhouse 120909
Even though it was a little chilly out we opted for a patio dinner overlooking
the boats. Plus they had some really warm heaters that kept us cozy. It was a
really nice night out. This was our view from our table..



I ended up trying the Grilled Cheese with Organic Tomato Bisque. It was really good
and went really well with the weather. I tried getting a photo of my plate but it was
too dark to get a good shot..

I’m glad we got out for dinner and Nathan had a nice time. We came back home with full bellies and drinks and ready to relax for the night.

And lastly I leave you with a video of Loki that I got on Thanksgiving day..

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve!

♥ Love & Hugs xoxo


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