It’s very hard to believe that this year is coming to a close. I can’t believe
that Thanksgiving already came and went. And with that I hope everyone
had a nice thanksgiving with their friends and family!! And I have to apologize
for my lack of updates or photos on here. I’ve been doing a lot of debating on
where I want to go with this blog and what I want to do. Still not entirely sure,
but I guess I can take it day by day as I go along and see how it all feels.

In any case, since my last update things have been in a progressively steady
pace. Work has been good and I have already received a raise which made me
super happy! Plus I will be able to buy a bus pass and get reimbursed for it which
is another big plus! I also got a side project from the auditor at work so that gave me
some extra hours to work at home and get some extra untaxed cash which is very
needed. In the social front I haven’t done too much but just enough to make me
happy. I got to spend Raquels’ birthday with her in Long Beach and we had an
awesome day of Hole Mole food, Molaa, and some afternoon tea/latte lounging at
the coffee shop. The following day I had plans to meet with Erin for some brunch
with a few girls at 212 Bistro for bottomless mimosas. Let’s just say the food was
great, and the mimosas even better. I got nicely hammered to the point that I was
slurring my words and could barely walk up stairs. After our brunch and fun was over
Nathan picked me up and we made our way to the mall to go to Bath & Body Works
to buy some handsoaps. How I made it in the mall and in the store I will never know.
It was honestly all a messy blurr. It was insane. I never thought I could get so hammered
off champagne but it is easy to drink lots of it and not realize how drunk you really are!
Somehow I stumbled in the house, made my way to the bathroom and then finally to
bed at about 6pm. I am glad I was able to wake up a few ours later still slightly buzzed
but feeling better. That was a crazy day!!

Haha, well other than that Thanksgiving was nice and mellow. I got to see my mom which
is always nice and Nathan’s family. We had lots of food and a nice time together. Well for
now that’s it. I will make a good photo update to catch up on the photos and possibly a
few other things along the way. So what have I missed with everyone out there? Anything
you’d like to share about what’s going on with you? Do share if so 🙂

Love & Hugs xoxo


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