The Week In Photos 101908

Well what a busy and good week so far. Many things have happened in the job front
and life has been calm with other things which is good. The past week has brought a
new job with a new environment and lots of monkee photos. I’ll start off where I left off last..

♥ Self Portraits 101109
I realize that I had taken some quick self portraits after coming back from Abbot Kinney
and just completely forgot to include them with my A.K. post. In any case, I’ll include them
here since I like my new gray and black striped shirt. That happened to be the first time
I wore it after having it for almost a year I believe.


♥ Interview 101209
So when Friday had came I had received a call from Nina letting me know that she had a
client that needed some help at her office. It happened to be In Rolling Hills Estates so she
told me I could call her to get details and see what I think. I called up Stephanie and we talked
about the job and what they were looking for and all. I got the address so checked how easily
accessible it was to the bus and it seemed perfectly fine aside from a long walk and a hill.
So I called her back and we set up a meeting to go over more things and all that. So I went in
on Monday to meet with her and the owner.

The building on the left is where the office is located. It happens to be in buildings that look
like apartment buildings. When I arrived I was a little unsure of where the suite was so I called
Stephanie and she came out to meet me. I met the owner and we talked about the job and
what they were looking for as well as hours and all that. She looked over my resume and asked
me if this job sounded like something I could do and take care of. I definitely could. It’s a lot of
maintaining the owners calendar, going through mail and having the owner sign off on bills and
things and QuickBooks work as well. Pretty simple. The area is very quiet being that it’s the only
office building on the large block among residences.

This was the oppossite side of the street.



While waiting for Nathan to make his way back to pick me up I walked around and got a few
photos from the area. Nothing fancy. I just really liked the way the clouds looked and the calmness.


So Stephanie asked me to send her over my references, she would check them and I could start
as soon as the following day or Wednesday. As soon as I got home I emailed them to her but for some
reason she didn’t receive them. Luckily she spoke further to Nina which happened to be my ex-boss
and she highly recommended me so she had heard enough and wanted to bring me on. She called
me early Tuesday morning asking me if I could still come in and I of course said yes and jumped in
the shower and got ready. Although it’s a bit far and it’s on 1099, hey at least it’s a job that I didn’t have
before and I’m getting paid more than before and working a day less. I cannot complaint one bit!! 🙂

♥ Inside of the Office 101509
Being that Thursdays will be my alone day for last week and this week, I took a few minutes
during my lunch to snap a few photos of the empty office and moi. It’s a small cozy office with
a little outdoor patio. The desk to the left is where Stephanie sits and the desk to the right is
where the owner, Joe, sits. And I must clarify when I say owner I should say trustee since we
manage his three trusts and his broadband licenses, which Stephanie has some also.

This is where I sit. My desk has a bit of clutter but it is the desk that belongs to the girl that is
on leave right now. That’s why I got brought in. But even after she comes back there is still
enough work to keep me on so it’s all good.

The little trees outside happen to be blood oranges and I believe some lemons also.

Enjoying the office to myself…


And my cheesy pasta wheels & cheese for lunch. I’ve been eating more of these little
pasta frozen entrees recently. They’re cheap and taste pretty damn good and come under
my minimum calorie intake per meal which is great!

♥ Monkees in a box 101609
We have had this Macy’s box from my mascara purchase sitting around for a bit. It seems they enjoy
being inside of it and falling asleep. Of course when I say being inside it happens with a little help from
us since they have to go butt and tail first. Miss Kittie was able to get in there on her own one day but
she hasn’t done it again. I love their love for small boxes that are too tight for them, but they still manage
to be comfortable and enjoy it…see..


And Loki spending some time in there too..



♥ Loki the Monkee 101709
When Loki was a baby he could run so fast that he would climb the front screen door and
hop on the wood door where you see him here. He would walk back and forth rubbing his
little face and nose on the edges and playing with us. Now he is still able to get up there, but
with our help of putting him up there. He’ll stay for a bit and then jump down.

He is definitely very comfortable up there. He doesn’t get scared at all, he only seems to
loose his balance once in a while but always manages to not fall.




He loves playing and hanging down like this. He truly is a monkee. See why I particularly
call him monkee now?


Funny thing is that right after I took this photo he wanted to come down but lost his balance
and almost fell on my head. Luckily I was able to grab him with one hand so he wouldn’t fall
on me and he jumped away.

♥ Late Night Loki 101809
When I’m sitting around late at night on the computer or watching tv, Loki always comes and sits
on the couch. He prefers when no one else is on the couch usually. This night I was heading to bed
but decided to cuddle him before doing so and get a few photos of him before heading to bed.

A close up of us.

Don’t mind the messy hair and me sans makeup.


Something about this one that I like for some reason. And he always poses for me too..

Again, don’t mind the messy hair, hehehe

Loki getting comfortable and ready to nap, again.



Somehow he looks like he’s playing pool, haha!



His tiger shark stripes..


♥ Scratches 101809
Lastly, all I can say is this is what happens when you try to play with Ramses and he spazzes
out and scratches me with his feet. This hurt and swelled up a bit. Still hurts a little but not as
much, more dryness.

So what has been going on with your week?? Anything new or exciting
that you’d like to share? Something new that you started this week?


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