Linkage Sunday 101809

♥ I really liked these photographs from Finnish photographer Juha Arvid Helminen.
The black on black look is great and adds to the fetish feel. Gorgeous!!

♥ This charming photograph taken with a point-and-shoot camera feels like
I’m gazing into a fairy tale. It’s rather lovely!

♥ This ruffled photograph by Natalie Shau is very surreal. I really like the
colors and particularly the bird cage in her dress.

♥ Sexy lacy stilettos by Phillip Treacy for Valentino.

♥ From 1000 Awesome Things, this definitely relates to me. I’m sure it
relates to many of you as well. #659 When you suddenly remember it’s
a long weekend
[score!!] and #655 When you get to your seat just as the
previews are starting
[I despise the commercials prior to previews. Like
I’m not watching tv, I’m in a movie theater wanting to see a film!]

Save the sleepless boobs!! Buy this if you don’t want to smash your boobs
while you sleep. Seriously!

♥ Found on Buzzfeed, I really really liked the horror photography of Joshua Hoffine.
See for yourself. It’s disturbing, creepy, and beautiful! And his blog has behind the
scenes on his shoots and how they’re set up.

♥ This was entertaining: Kramer’s Entrances in Chronological Order.

Conan the scaredy cat. This is adorably cute!

♥ I plant to partake in Operation Beautiful. I sure as hell know that there have been
many times that I have needed a good boost in certain situations. Now I can brighten
someone else’s day and possibly in return have my day brightened too.

♥ I also plan to try the Dry Brushing technique. It sounds like an interesting method
of detoxing and I plan to write on it after I try it myself.

♥ Great tips from Independent Fashion Bloggers! Crash Course in Blogger Etiquette.

♥ There’s a new episode from Simon’s Cat called “Hot Spot”. How true is this!!??

♥ This is the tallest domesticated cat in the world and she is soo freaking cute! She’s only
18 months old and stands at 17.1 inches from shoulder to toe. Meet Magic and be sure
to watch the videos below. She is great!


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