Taste of Abbot Kinney 101109

Taken inside of Primitivo while enjoying a drink.

Last week I was lucky enough to have won tickets to the first ever Taste of Abbot
Kinney from H.C. over at LA & OC Foodventures . Of course this was great since
my luck with things, especially work, had not been going so well. So winning a
pair of tickets for this, priced each at $60 was pure luck. Even if I had a little
bit of money there is no way I would have spent that much on tickets for this.
And it gave us a reason to head out and spend the day tasting and sampling
different food and drinks from the restaurants that were participating. It was also
a good opportunity for us to check out this part of Venice which is off the path
towards the boardwalk, so we had never stumbled on this street. This street was
filled with different shops, restaurants, art, and stores.

So with that said, here is the rest of the day with photos…

One of the first places we walked into was Joe’s. They were offering some
sort of pate on crostini and a very tasty rum and lemon drink that I can’t remember
the name for. Too bad there was a 1 drink limit so that’s all we got.

These were our drinks at Primitivo. They were offering a red sangria wine with
fruit. It was very good and I sipped this up super quick. Being that I had not eaten
much plus I don’t drink very often, it was very surprising for me to be drinking soo
fast, haha!

This place was very nice and I loved the decor and ambiance. While we had our
drink we looked over the menu and saw lots of things we could come back for.
Nathan tried their bacon wrapped date which he said was pretty good. He’s not
big on eating dates so it must have tasted good.


The outside of Primitivo with Joe’s to the left.

The outside of Joe’s and Primitivo next door.

I’m a big wrought iron fan, can you tell?


The outside of Lilly’s before walking in.

Lilly’s was offering a quiche that I believe had artichoke with a light frisee salad.
It was really good. Plus they offered your choice of white wine or red. I opted for
the white wine. They had an outdoor patio which was very nice. We could definitely
see ourselves coming back here for lunch or dinner one day just to enjoy their
cool patio.

I find myself taking photos of lanterns and lights and things. It’s turning into a
pattern I suppose. In any case, we had a nice time here sitting beneath this.


I caught this shot quickly before heading out hoping the people working there
wouldn’t tell me to not take photos. I rather like this shot a lot and shows the little
lounge at the entrance.

A shot from the outside.

Us in the mirror from afar.

We then headed to Equator Cafe. I really liked this cool little bookstore/record shop.
They had some interesting art on their walls and also some framed photography
with writing on it. It was interesting and different. All that they were offering was
iced coffee which we weren’t really in the mood for at that moment. We still took
our time looking around and checking out the art, books, and records they had.

We were a bit shocked to see the title of this book. I’m a bit curious to know why
it’s titled like that..


Said trippy wall art. It was very different.



The vinyl section with some of those photographs on the wall.



The people busy outside of Equator Cafe.


Our next stop ended up being 3 Square. It was unfortunate that looking at our
Abbot Kinney map, this establishment mentioned that they would have beer tasting.
As we walked in and asked they mentioned to us that it was a misprint. We later
found out that they were going to start offering beer but it was later in the afternoon
and forgot by then. Well while we were there they were offering this little dessert
with whipped cream which was pretty good.



The outside of 3 Square.


This was as we were walking towards The Otheroom. At this moment though they
were still closed and didn’t open until 5pm. We happened to walk by there about
15 minutes after they opened and they were already getting full of people.

The wine wall inside of Elvino.

We walked in and were lead to the back where they wine was being offered.

We had some sparkling champagne which was very tasty.

They also had two kinds of caviar. Nathan tried both and said that the sturgeon
one [black] he enjoyed better than the salmon roe [orange]. He mentioned that
the salmon roe was a bit salty and fishy and Nathan is not a seafood person at

The outside of Elvino as we walked out.



Admiring this vase from the window.

This was inside of The Brig. The decor was different for being a bar.


They were offering a lemon drop drink which was ok and some ribs which Nathan
enjoyed. We left soon after to continue on our way.




The outside of The Brig as we walked out.

We then proceeded to walk into Capri, a very simple white walled eatery that had
a line out the door when we got there. They were serving a mushroom risotto which
was ok but unfortunately a bit bland. We both felt it need more salt and flavor. We
also had some Chardonnay which was good. I also liked the very simple decor
of this place but I doubt we would return considering the flavorless risotto.






We took a minute to get some silly photos of us. Nathan with his super silly look
on his face, haha! I laughed at this photo afterwards for a bit since I didin’t realize
he did this face at the moment I took the photo.



Lemonade was already a familiar place to me since there was one in the food
court where my old job was at. They offer different salads, soups, and entrees.
When we walked in the line pretty much got to the front door and it didn’t seem
to be moving at all. I had already tried many of their salads and Nathan didn’t
seem to be very interested so we decided to walk out and go on to the next place.

A rusty fence that I shot from across the street.




We walked by Jin Patisserie and snapped a quick photo while we walked by
but didn’t actually go in for some reason. I guess it slipped our mind.

I was more interested in getting to this wall to get some photos of this cool graffiti
art next to a BBQ place. We had walked by it earlier but the sun was gleaming
from above the building and it made it rather difficult to get a good photo without
getting a bunch of sun.


The details and color were really nice and well done.



So this was The Otheroom once it opened. The place itself was nice but
unfortunately they weren’t offering any drinks and all they had for food were
some sausages that they were cooking up and a few different variety of pickles
and other cold little things to pick on.




We were also a bit annoyed by the bouncers at the door. As we walked out we
heard one of them asking an older gentleman for his ID before entering. Like
seriously? I can understand the carding for younger people but someone that
is very obviously over 21? I don’t know. I wasn’t feeling this place really and they
were very insistent on carding everyone even though the only way you would get
a drink is if you paid for one.

This little cute pug was mingling around at The Pod Photography studio. We
stopped by here since the photographer had a sign where she was offering free
photos to Taste of Abbot Kinney folks.

As we waited for the photographer to be done we realized that the girl she was
finishing up with was Courtney Thorne Smith. She was tiny and about my height.
We also happened to see her email address on the photo contact sheet.

This was the photographer, Erika Seress and her cute pug standing in front of her.
studio. She was very very nice and took some cool photos of us. I don’t think we’ll
be ordering prints due to money but they were still very nice to see a few days



Making our way to the car.

All in all it was a good day. Unfortunately there were a few places that weren’t
open, especially the only vegan place on the street which I was looking forward
to checking out. We also skipped on a lot of the dessert places. There were a few
other places that were further down the street that we didn’t make our way to.
And we were disappointed at The Tasting Kitchen. The place was very nice and
they were serving some bourbon and pork on crostini’s. It was too bad though that
as we stood in front of the semi crowded bar waiting to try a drink that we were not
even acknowledged. We stood there for a few minutes hoping that we get some attention
for a drink but it just wasn’t happening. I looked over at the pitcher with bourbon and come
to see it’s completely empty and yet still no one had acknowledged us. I later come to find
out that this place was offering two drinks per person, so it made sense as to the amount
of people and also the empty bourbon pitcher. Plus with all the people I started getting
a bit claustrophobic standing there and waiting so we decided to leave. I’m sure the drinks
would have been good but I just wasn’t in the mood to stand around a crowded place
and wait.

Once we got to the car, I realized I was freaking hungry after all the drinks and hardly
any food. Of course I can’t complaint since I know these sort of things don’t really
cater to vegetarians, so I tried to have whatever I could and passed on what I couldn’t
eat. Remembering there was an In N Out nearby we headed there for some food which
was perfect to end the day with.

It was a pretty fun and interesting day and am very glad that we got to enjoy it here.
I honestly don’t think that the $60 per ticket was worth the food and drinks that were
being offered. For that price you would think there would be an additional drink included
or at least another appetizer to try. But I can’t complaint about the money since we didn’t
pay for it, but had I paid for it I might have been a bit more upset. The only good thing
about all this is knowing that the proceeds went to Inside Out Community Arts which is
well worth it.


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