25 Random Things

RULES: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25
random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. I wont be tagging anyone on
this just doing it for fun!

Did this same sort of thing some time ago, but it was only 9 facts. This 25 facts
is a challenge!

1. I have been vegetarian for over 5 years now and not planning to change!
I’m happy like this!

2. I have a fascination with red items, anything red drives me crazy, especially

3. I volunteered for the L.A. Music Center for about 3 years on and off between
school since I was 15.

4. I was in an elevator with Placido Domingo and didn’t even know it until he
got out 😦 [at said music center].

5. I like to take my time when I eat so anyone that has eaten with me knows
of my slowness with that.

6. I don’t like my dad’s side of the family. There has been molestation, rape,
and murder. I don’t consider them family.

7. I have a thing for jewelry, especially beaded jewelry.

8. I care much more for animals than I do for humans.

9. I always manage to hit my legs or arms on something and always end
up with bruises or scratches somewhere on my body. Sometimes I know
where they come from and other times I don’t.

10. I would love to travel to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand!! It looks
soo pretty out there!

11. I have been with my boyfriend for over 10 years.

12. I don’t plan to have any kids or get married. My furbabies are enough 🙂

13. My food weakness is cheese, seriously!!

14. I hate the heat. I easily can get heat stroke in the heat if not protected.

15. I have been to Mexico a few times and every time we would take a long
bus ride out there. Just about a 30 hour trip. You see lots of things!

16. I grew up in South Central L.A. during the L.A. riots in 1992. I remember
we stayed in the house the whole time and once it was over we drove around
the neighborhood and saw all the damage that was left. While it was going on
you could just hear chaos around us.

17. I still keep in touch with my 5th grade teacher. We see each other about
once a year.

18. I got to see a scene from Fight Club be filmed in San Pedro and was standing
about a foot away from Brad Pitt!! [Remember that day Daisy? We almost died
being so close to him!]

19. Whenever I have fresh roses I always like drying them instead. Got it from
my 5th grade teacher.

20. I’m a big fan of Maryjanes!

21. The last time I went to Mexico and stayed in my cousins place in Mazatlan
for the first time I heard strange banging coming from the house. I was all alone
and all the windows were closed so it wasn’t someone or the wind. It literally
sounded like someone was pounding on the closet door. Once my mom arrived
she heard it as well so I knew it wasn’t just me hearing things. It went on for a
while and was really strange. I had already been warned as well of the house
being haunted.

22. I use to play the violin when I was in elementary. I wish I would have continued.
I still want to pick it up again.

23. I love being near the beach or coast. The sea is soo relaxing and calming!

24. I love the small crunchy pieces of popcorn. I always try to find them cause
they’re crunchy!

25. I looove incredibly fast rides and roller coasters. Magic Mountain is my
favorite place to be, and I can’t forget the Tower of Terror at California Adventure.
Anything that gets my adrenaline rushing is great for me!


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