Linkage Sunday 092709

Octopuss 121105
♥ Really awesome photographs that won the Communication Arts annual competition.
Photography and the Art of Communication .

A day in the life of Hunter S. Thompson. This is freaking awesome!!! What a day!!

♥ This guy is a genius! Andrew WK Takes Fox News Question Seriously.

Sacha Baron Cohen Talks About Interviewing A Terrorist. Glad he lived to talk about it!

♥ Cool tips on Refractographs: How to Take Photos of Light Reflections.

We’re All Stars, Now. Marilyn Manson-inspired editorial shots. I really enjoyed the makeup!

Accidental Dong. My new favorite blog. Come on, we all see them here and there, hehehe…

Shocking map showing the distance from the nearest McDonald’s. Insane!

Kirk Cameron’s Darwin/Hitler Connection. Hmm I think Kirk is wrong. It sounds
like someone else here is pretty brainwashed..*looking in Kirk’s direction*

Hot Chicks With Dogs With Boners. Another new favorite blog that made me giggle, hahaha!

♥ I enjoyed the neat tips in this article. Holding Back Online? 5 Ways to Share Your
Story with Confidence


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