Things I Love Thursday 091009

Sailorman Looking On 021907
♥ Going through childhood memories of the past. It’s interesting remembering things
that I don’t often think of. Been soo long that I put these memories in the back of my head.

♥ Seeing Julia, my 5th grade teacher, after not seeing her for over a year. Nice catching up
and talking about what has gone on in the past year. Making plans to go to the villa soon!

♥ Opala Vinho Verde! Thanks to Julia for introducing me to this. It is soo good and
tasty! I feel like I need a whole bottle to myself. As soon as I have some money I’m
making a trip to Whole Foods to look for it. Soo damn tasty and fizzy!

♥ Getting out of the house, even if it’s at least for a day. It was nice.

♥ Staying positive among everything. It truly is hard to keep this state of mind
at times, but I have been trying and luckily I’ve been doing well with this. Of course
I have my bad days too, but I wont speak of that…


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