Linkage Sunday 082309

Parado Iron 100707

♥ Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom is cranking out some oddly strange
bakery goods that you would never think to see at a bakery. He owns
“Body Bakery” which specializes in creating edible sculptures of dis-memebered
human body parts all made from bread
. When I first read it I wasnt sure how
I felt about it, but thinking about it more made my response to “That’s fucking genious!!”
It truly is!! His ideas and creativity are really one-of-a-kind! See for yourself!

♥ Found on Pink Tentacle, Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park
takes their actors and acting very seriously! But this amusement park is not like
any other, it is billed as one of the world’s scariest house of horror, all filled
with actors playing zombies. Check out their Boot Camp in order to get into Zombie
brain eating shape!

♥ Also found on Pink Tentacle, check put these awesome CG Illustrations
done by Macoto Murayama
highlighting the beauty of flowers through their geometric
and mechanical structure. They are enchanting to the eye indeed!

♥ From the Frisky, 10 activities that should be illegal to do while driving.
Come on, who’s guilty of doing any of these out there??

♥ Truly excellent tips from Nubby Twiglet on How to market yourself as a designer.
This information can really help just about anyone in marketing themselves and their career.

♥ I am very much like this. From 1000 awesome things; #698 Listening to your
new favorite song over and over again
. I am guilty of doing this many many times, but
usually when a song is that good I just cant get enough of it. My ears hurt for more.

♥ With that said, I am guilty of doing the above for The Knives “We Share Our
Mother’s Health”. Although not a new song, it still sticks in my ears and since last week
I kept telling myself I needed to hear it again. The song and the video are perfectly done.
The color pattern on the video just screams at me. It’s everything I love and soo much more!

Any cool web stuffz you’ve encountered lately? Anything tickling your eyes and ears
that you care to share? Please do!! Just like I share my findings, I would love to see your’s
as well!! Enjoy what’s left of Sunday and onto a new week ahead!!

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