June/Early July Update Part 2

Mid June and early July was pretty fun. Had a trip to San Diego,
the Psomas Paper Yacht Challenge at work, some monkee photos,
and of course 4th of July. Much fun was had..

♥ San Diego Trip and Leal Family Photos 061309

It had been some time now that Maite had mentioned to me that she
wanted me to get some photos of Cid. We spoke about this when he
was just a baby, but now he was already 6. Wow. Maite let me know
she was finally ready to get this done and I was up for it. We went and
spent a weekend at their new place. The breeze in their place is so
cooling. They live right next to the airport. We got used to the sound of
the planes pretty quickly and it was fun sitting on the bed watching the
planes land at night. Anyways, we got there on Saturday afternoon.
Since it was already around 3pm, I wanted to start getting some photos
while the sun was still nice and bright. The guys went to get some late lunch
at Lucha Libre tacos. It was really good!! We plant to go next time and
try some of their other food. So we got a few photos and had lunch right
after. Once we were done with lunch we decided to get out of the house
and go towards the beach. We tried going to the lighthouse but it was already
closed so we went to Ocean Beach instead. We made a stop by one of the
little shops to buy some new pipes. It was hard not to come out of there with
a few other things, but we just came for pipes, an whatever Maite and Mark
bought. We made our way towards the beach. Cid was waay ahead of us.
He knew exactly where he was going. I was able to get some fun photos
of him enjoying the beach and running around. Also got some photos of
the beautiful sunset we saw. It was just perfect. We chased after Cid, climbed
on rocks to get photos and got nice amounts of sand in our shoes. We were
pretty beat after all the walking. It was definitely a fun day. We came back,
tried to get all the sand off of us, and chilled out and snacked. We ended up in
bed pretty late this night. It was all good fun!
DSCN1595 DSCN1602
DSCN1603 DSCN1611 DSCN1616
DSCN1605 DSCN1608
DSCN1620 DSCN1635
DSCN1626 DSCN1644 DSCN1645
DSCN1642 DSCN1646
DSCN1655 DSCN1661
DSCN1659 DSCN1662 DSCN1670
DSCN1663 DSCN1679
DSCN1671 DSCN1675 DSCN1685
001_24 007_18
DSCN1686 DSCN1689
DSCN1688 DSCN1699 DSCN1698
DSCN1693 DSCN1705
DSCN1707 DSCN1708
DSCN1709 DSCN1721
DSCN1723 DSCN1724
DSCN1727 DSCN1731 DSCN1734
DSCN1737 DSCN1746 DSCN1735
DSCN1755 DSCN1759 DSCN1765
DSCN1763 DSCN1767
DSCN1772 DSCN1773
DSCN1781 DSCN1782 DSCN1791
DSCN1792 DSCN1788
DSCN1799 DSCN1800
DSCN1803 DSCN1813

♥ San Diego Trip and Leal Family Photos 061409
The next day we woke up and Maite and Mark made us breakfast. It was really
good and we were pretty full. We got ready and headed out to Point Loma to see
the Old Point Loma lighthouse. We got there and ended up on the opposite side
of where the lighthouse was. We took a walk down a few trails and made our way as
close as we could to the shore and the rocks. It was definitely peaceful and really
nice out. Once we were done we took a drive towards the lighthouse. We got a really
nice view of downtown San Diego and the beach. We saw the Cabrillo National
Monument and the outside of the lighthouse. The top was closed for some reason.
We definitely did a lot of walking today as well and had a really good time and saw
alot more of San Diego that we had not seen. Once we were done we went and got
some late lunch at Mama’s Bakery & Deli. They had good Lebanese food. I had the
veggie plate with falafel, humus, tabouleh salad, and pita bread. Mmm it was really
good. After lunch we went back to unwind for a few minutes and decided to make
our way home since it was already the afternoon. We had a long drive ahead but
a great weekend behind us and lots of fun photos.
DSCN1816 DSCN1824
DSCN1826 DSCN1833
DSCN1829 DSCN1836 DSCN1837
DSCN1843 DSCN1845 DSCN1860
DSCN1855 DSCN1858
DSCN1859 DSCN1863
DSCN1867 DSCN1872 DSCN1873
DSCN1868 DSCN1870
DSCN1878 DSCN1879 DSCN1882
DSCN1881 DSCN1885
DSCN1880 DSCN1887 DSCN1888
DSCN1889 DSCN1857 DSCN1893
DSCN1891 DSCN1896
DSCN1901 DSCN1905 DSCN1906
DSCN1903 DSCN1908
DSCN1910 DSCN1911 DSCN1914
DSCN1918 DSCN1920 DSCN1942
DSCN1933 DSCN1946
DSCN1956 DSCN1955 DSCN1957
DSCN1959 DSCN1961 DSCN1971
DSCN1978 DSCN1979
DSCN1982 DSCN1990 DSCN1997
DSCN1998 DSCN2000 DSCN2006
DSCN2011 DSCN2020 DSCN2030
DSCN2023 DSCN2031
DSCN2028 DSCN2037 DSCN2043
DSCN2034 DSCN2044

♥ Psomas Paper Yacht Challenge 061809
At work they had already had this challenge the year before. It seemed like a pretty
cool concept; create a Paper Yacht that will make it through the fountain and to the
other side without it tilting over or drowning. Alex had came up with the idea that we
join it and create a little simple boat, since those are the ones that usually win. The day
finally came and our little boat unfortunately did not make it very far. It was fun being
a part of it and seeing the other people and their very awesome boats make it to the finish
line. Some people really got very creative with their boats. It was a fun after work activity.
And of course getting some photos of it is always great.
DSCN2046 DSCN2047 DSCN2049
DSCN2050 DSCN2054 DSCN2073
DSCN2053 DSCN2055
DSCN2057 DSCN2059 DSCN2063
DSCN2064 DSCN2077 DSCN2074
DSCN2069 DSCN2075
DSCN2086 DSCN2090
DSCN2088 DSCN2096 DSCN2097
DSCN2093 DSCN2095

♥ Monkees 062009-071009
These are just various photos of the monkees lately. And I swear the last photo
of Loki where it’s all red is not photoshopped. I love that effect!! That is definitely
my favorite photo of Loki.
DSCN2103 DSCN2105 DSCN2123
DSCN2119 DSCN2124
DSCN2127 DSCN2131
DSCN2207 DSCN2209
DSCN2212 DSCN2214 DSCN2216

♥ 4th of July Fireworks in South Gate 070409
We always tend to go to Nathan’s parents house in South Gate for 4th of July.
They live right across the street from the park so we don’t even need to leave the
house to see them. We just took some chairs to the backyard and watched the
fireworks from there. We had a nice day of barbequing and hanging out. It was a
fun day with some awesome fireworks at night. I love the way they come out on
photos. It was a great show!
DSCN2132 DSCN2133
DSCN2134 DSCN2136
DSCN2139 DSCN2140
DSCN2145 DSCN2146
DSCN2146 DSCN2148
DSCN2149 DSCN2152
DSCN2153 DSCN2154
DSCN2155 DSCN2156
DSCN2157 DSCN2160
DSCN2162 DSCN2163
DSCN2165 DSCN2166
DSCN2168 DSCN2169
DSCN2170 DSCN2172
DSCN2173 DSCN2174
DSCN2178 DSCN2180
DSCN2182 DSCN2183
DSCN2184 DSCN2186
DSCN2187 DSCN2188
DSCN2189 DSCN2197
DSCN2198 DSCN2201
DSCN2202 DSCN2203


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