Things I Love Thursday 073009

♥ Having a fun summer day at work and getting out of work close to mid-day
to go to the Jazz Institute in Pasadena. Had a nice time away from work.
And somehow I ended up behind the drum set playing a song. Much fun.

♥ Meeting Nathan after the Jazz work party and hanging out the rest of the
day. Pretty much from 4pm on. Getting some food at The Yardhouse
and catching the Transformers movie after that. Although the movie was
pretty long, it did have awesome graphics.

♥ Having fun at Katie’s birthday party right after the movie.
It was truly a fun day and night!! Didn’t make it home till about midnight.

♥ Seeing my mom today after a while. She really made my day
great. Too bad it was very short unfortunately. It was still nice.
She let me take photos of her and with her..I wish we could have
hung out all day. It would have been a blast. Next time hopefully.

So what is making your Thursday awesome!? Weekend plans?
Mine will be relaxing and possibly a Saturday movie and Sunday brunch.


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