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Spay Day 2011 Online Pet Photo Contest

Spay Day 2011 Online Pet Photo Contest.

Vote for Miss Kittie in the contest. I really appreciate it! 🙂




Baby Red Pandas!!!

Cuteness for today!! Enjoy! 🙂



Cloud & Sky Junkie 003

A few days after I posted my last Cloud & Sky Junkie update, we spent
the day at The Huntington Library. The sky on this day was really beautiful
all day long! It was such a lovely day to be at the Huntington. I’m including
my photos from that day, plus a few others I took on my way home from
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The Black Keys – Too Afraid To Love You (Live in Studio)

This song and his vocals give me chills. Love this song!
This is definitely going on repeat..

xoxo Love & Hugs



My 2010 in Review

I must say that this past year was filled with a lot of enjoyable
and memorable moments! 2010 did have it’s low points but I
think the fun trips and outings with friends and family made up
for the bad stuff. What a bitch of a year, but I’m glad we survived
another year. Here’s to 2011 being an even better year! So far it’s
moving along nicely.

What’s Been Going On!? Part 1 012110-022810
New York Trip, Vegas Trip, Trailer Park Boys show for the first
time, cloud photos, some movies, dinners and other fun times.

What’s Been Going On!? Part 2 030210-040410
Asteroids Galaxy Tour show for the first time!!, First Fridays
at the Natural History Museum, a couple movies, many tasty
meals, especially at The Pike, and Monkee photos.

The Month in Photos: April 2010
Magic Mountain, another fun First Fridays night, monkee photos,
That Metal Show taping, and Baby Hummingbirds!

The Month in Photos: May 2010
First Fridays for May, Hypocrisy show, Renaissance Fair, Soundsuits
after dark, Dio Memorial, monkee photos, & some tasty food.

The Month in Photos: June 2010
Last First Fridays of the year, Sadistic Intent show, Ink N Iron for
two days [burlesque dancers, pole performers, The Rev, lots of
drinks, too much fun!], Todd Schorr reception, Bowers Museum,
fun in bars, foggy photos, monkees, & more foodz!

The Month in Photos: July 2010
Summer Vegas Trip [oh my god, the heat, but too much fun!!],
having a photo at the OC Fair, Day at Melrose, Manhattan Beach
bar hopping, a few movies, monkees, and tasty food as always.

The Month in Photos: August 2010
OC Fair [to have fun & see my image hanging], Flugtag Long Beach,
Shoot with Danny, afternoon at The Grove & tasty food, monkees,
and many tasty lunches and dinners.

The Month in Photos: September 2010
Katatonia show [finally!!!], shoot for Daviel’s birthday/baptism [beautiful
location!], Mummies of the World exhibit, No Makeup Week, Dennis Hopper
exhibit, and some yummy lunches.

The Month in Photos: October 2010
Much awaited Mexico trip [family, great food, Guadalajara, Mazatlan, the
beach, meeting new family, late night club & drinking, and local graffiti!
Soo much fun!], Trailer Park Boys and some tasty food!

♥ November 2010 [No photos for this post]
Faith No More show [finally!!!!], fun movies, finding a perfect nail salon,
and Thanksgiving with the family.

The Month in Photos: December 2010
The Getty on a rainy day, Magic Mountain, The Huntington Library
[Bukowski exhibit, the gorgeous gardens & beautiful art!], WOCA art
show, monkee photos, and clouds.

xoxo Love & Hugs



Three things I do everyday..

Brush my teeth
Because I like to have clean teeth and feel icky if I don’t brush them right after I get out of bed.

Put on lip balm
I have to do this multiple times a day because I don’t like the feeling of dry lips. But, I can’t just wear any lip balm, I need to have Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm. I seriously cannot live without this stuff!!! I love the tingly and fresh feeling it gives me.

Read email
Just to make sure there isn’t anything important. There usually isn’t, but I like to keep an eye on it since you never know when an important email may come in. Plus I like to keep it somewhat clean, even if I may procrastinate on replying to some emails, at least deleting the ones I don’t need helps.

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